Thursday, March 19, 2009

Meet Nalden.

- Nalden...perhaps also a talented table football player? - :P

This very cool, relaxed, with a hiphop attitude, dude (1984) has been blogging since 2003. It all started as a joke; to keep in contact with his friends. The biggest change of his 'internet-career' is the launch of a new type of blog in 2008 called Rich Media Application (and the change of language from writing in Dutch to English). Since then, the amount of visitors quadripled to roughly 16.000 a day.
Everyday, you can read new stuff about the latest gadgets, parties, music, art, exhibitions, etc.
And like in the early days, he only posts subjects he's interested in. The tone of voice to his visitors hasn't changed either: he writes as he talks. So, no formal, fancy words. Just pure 'street talk'. Because to this day, he still writes for the same people: his homeboys. But in the meantime, the type of visitors that regularly visits his blog varies from television celebrities to sports athletes to big shot business players to even royalty folks!

Check out his awarded blog / website / Rich Media Application: and be amazed.

You can find the posts at the bottom of the's a whooole lotta fun! Personally, I think the best part of a post is when you click on 'comments'..........just see what happens. Amazing!

Yesterday, I interviewed him for my thesis which is about........blogging. What a surprise, eh?


diane said...

Thanks for the heads up, went there & I'm following. xo

Casou said...

I like that blog Nalden

E said...

wow, his site is soo cool! He is adorable too :)

Rita said...

Eh... he kinda cute :P

I really like this picture very much, and I'll be sure to check out his blog.

Dominica said...

Agree with Rita ; kinda cute indeed !
Will read the comments very curious !
Great post JD !

miriam said...

cool recommendation. what angle of blogging is your thesis about?

Eve said...

oh cool!

Evelyn said...

agree with Rita and Dominica, this guy is cute!!!!!!!
will check it out his blog!

Joey said...

Jacques... check Nalden at

Different view of Nalden ;)

Chamae Lang said...