Saturday, May 30, 2009

Spendin´cash money like an NBA basketball player, Part 1.

If my folks would knew this...they would probably block my bank account.

But I live on my own, am (extremely) old and (very, very) wise enough to calculate the amount of money on my bank account before investing in luxury needs and the daily primary needs like grocery shopping.

I´ve been thinking of getting an antique TLR (Twin Lens Reflex) camera like a Rolleiflex. But after doing research, I´ve found out there were a lot of different models. One of ´m is the Yashica.

I found this baby on the weekly bookmarket in Amsterdam on Art Square ´t Spui. Definitely one of my favorite spots in Amsterdam.

I couldn´t believe my eyes, because the day before I did research about TLR camera´s...alllll day long. What a coincidence.

The Yashica B (1957!) came with the extremely rare (green!) box, a yellow filter, a leatherbag (leather from the outside, and sexy red silk from the inside) with a small bag attached to it (for the yellow filter). And there was another tiny leather bag, for the lightmeter!

Viewfinder. When making a picture, you have to place the camera against your belly and look through the lens from above.

Hopefully, in the near future, I hope to make pics like these ones...!

Some people have even switched from digital to film. Yes. Back to the ol´ school analogue!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Hartelijk gefeliciteerd

Ooooh. Yesterday was my birthday...!

...and I´m still feeling TOO YOUNG.
- Phoenix - Too Young - United (2000) -

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Give aways @

.Bec Wonders i Uppsala.

Min söta tjej Bec is an upcoming fashion designer from Sweden. She´s giving away a few vests for free. If you want to become a proud owner of a super exclusive swedish creation of the one and only Bec Wonders, please visit her site.

.Bec & Nicole i Amsterdam.

.Working hard. All night long,´till da breakadawn. (Not made by me!)

Saturday, May 23, 2009


Ahhhhh...Cannes Film Festival (CFF). It´s happening between the 13th of may ´till the 24th.
Before I leave this planet, I really have to visit that beautiful (and always sunny??) place for at least once.
No wait, if I will ever visit Cannes, I would love to walk the red carpet during Cannes Film Festival, and having a chat with my BBF (Best Buddy Forever (to be)) in the industry: Brad Pitt.

...have a ´one nighter´ with this lady.

...and have a dance (on the red carpet, of course) with my favorite personality in the movie industry: Quentin Tarantino.

I can´t wait to see his new movie: Inglorious Bastards, which will première in august in The Netherlands.
Have you seen CFF´s last years poster with the image shot by movie director David Lynch? That picture was incredibly beautiful! Blurry!! (Way better than this years design...although it´s a nice (Black & White) image)

p.s. I´ve edited my previous post with the answer...

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Elke dag

Every day

So, you´re at home...making yourself ready to go to work, or school...the gym, liquor store or to a friend, whatever...

But the moment you walk out the door...what kind of thought(s) go through your mind most of the time?

- taken in my old neighbourdhood, de Pijp -

I´m almost 100% sure that everyone thinks the exact same thing... I feel like a head turning hottie today.

But before I tell you what that thought is, I wanna read your comments first. :)

( I check my traffic tracker / blog statistics every now and then, and I know there are a bunch of people out there who never leave a comment! Don´t hesitate! :D )

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mysteries of life / My biggest secret

When it´s rainy, all the cars get stuck in traffic.
When it´s sunny, it´s overly crowded everywhere: bars / cafés, parks, squares, etc. (Don´t all those people have to be at work or in school...?)

Have you ever heard of the Indian Rain Dance? It´s a dancing ceremony, performed by Native American Indians, asking their Gods or Spirits to send rain.

I have the power to summon rain as well, just like the Indians. The only difference is:
- it has to be in a rainy period (of course, I can´t summon rain in the middle of a sunny day)
- I only have to show up outside. There´s no dancing involved.

The Rain Man
During a rainy period, when I am going outside, it starts to rain. Whenever I go either inside or when I take my umbrella with me, it stops. As for the umbrellas I take with me, they all work like a magic-stick / rain preventing stick. They can make the rain go away.

It started when I was in High School. It probably had something to do with the fact that my then favorite Basketball player was Shawn Kemp. They call him ´The Reign Man´. I wanted to be just like him. And now I sorta am...because I am ´The Rain Man´.

- An extremely rare view when I´m holding my magic stick (that sounded quite dirty...) on a rainy day -

- Passion Pit - Seaweed Song - Manners -
In The Man Who Knew Too Much exclusive new beautiful song which really suits this post well, by Passion Pit

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Blurry peeps

Oh myyy ohh myy! It was so sunny today! An old buddy of mine from my little village (where I was born and raised) came to Amsterdam and we walked for many hours through the city. Amsterdam is full of beautiful people chicks and milfs when the sun is shining bright and the weather is hot hot hot!

But I forgot to take my cam with me............

And everytime I forget my camera, I see the most beautiful images throughout the city, most interesting people, most beautiful little incidents. And then I´m always like:.......why?..........
I´m sure a few of you have experienced the same thing.

So, unfortunatly no new piccies. Here are some old ´people-are-out-of-focus´-photo´s.

- This is my homeboy S.. My dawg. I wanted to make a pic of him but he turned out blurry! But afterwards I was like: Hm, interesting. -

- It´s Nicole! She´s the friend of swedish most promising fashion designer: Bec Wonders. This was taken when they were both in Amsterdam. -

- The guy in this picture is Egbert-Jan Weeber. A Dutch actor. I thought I got him very crisp and clear. But after checking out the pictures at home, I found out he was actually the blurry part of the whole pic. Bummer! But now I find it rather cool. -

So, blurry pics could turn out really nice. This picture is actually one of my favorites ever! Made by the late great Richard Avedon. Hella blurry, but hella nice.

- Malcolm X, black nationalist leader, New York, 1963 (Photograph by Richard Avedon) -

Saturday, May 9, 2009

´Wolfram Alpha´ is coming

a nerdy post this time...

Wolfram Alpha is going to be huuuge! (Or not.)

Who doesn´t use as their standard search engine? But very soon, Wolfram Alpha is going to take over the world with this new kind of search engine which is actually not just another search engine, but an answer engine (actually it´s a Computational Knowlegde Engine), which gives you the answer of your questions supported with graphs and cool is that?

For example:
What time is it in Italy?
What is the answer to GDP of France divided by the GDP of Italy?

Yesterday, the creator of this engine, Stephen wolfram, gave a demonstration at Harvard University.

I haven´t seen the whole video, but I´ve read somewhere that he also discussed my name:

Want to know how popular the name Daniel is in the United States over time and how many people are currently estimated to be alive with that name, plus their ages? Wolfram Alpha can do that, too[...]

But wouldn´t it be cool if there´s a search engine with an image upload section which gives answers to questions like:

- Who´s the dude behind this window across the street from where I lived? -

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Ik mis...

- I miss... -

my old neighbourhood.

And I miss my old huge window, where a ray of sunlight would wake me up every morning. Unless I´m still sleeping with my head under the blankets...which I still do since I was a child...hiding for ghosts and monsters. Seriously!

- My previous bedroom window. (I love you! I miss you!) -

Oh yeah. Some more BAD news in JD´s life: (what´s new in my life??) the Master Programme which I´ve applied for: Medier Och Kommunikation at the University of Stockholm (Sweden) cancelled the programme....

So no Stockholm for me anymore. Bummer, I really was looking forward to going back to Sweden. Now I´m going to work on ´Plan B´. I´ll tell you more about that later!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Alle foto´s verloren...

- Lost every picture -

Another bummer in my life: I accidentally deleted almost all of my pictures on my external harddisk from december 2008 until Queen´s Day (April 30th) 2009.

Maybe I should start making pictures with a Polaroid and / or Fuji Instax camera´s... Or just analogue camera´s like the one I really would love to own at the moment: Yashica Mat 124 (or a Rolleiflex!).

Fortunately, this picture was one of a few ones ones that survived the delete-session.

- My ex-neighbour, Rolf, and his friend Aysan (London) posing while selling old stuff on the streets. -

This beautiful Fuji Instax picture was taken by a lady / customer while strolling through the busy streets of de Pijp in Amsterdam, during Queen´s Day...searching for beautiful and antique, cheap ass stuff. Aysan asked the lady if she could take a photo of her and Rolf...I find it such a perfect picture, I had to take of pic of it!

Why am I being punished all the time? Maybe I´m just being clumsy.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Queen´s day - 2009 (April, 30th)

Queen´s day! Beerday!

- Wibautstraat -

- Weteringplantsoen -

- Ceintuurbaan ( my old street...!) -

- Marie Heinekenplein -

- Marie Heinekenplein -

- Ferdinand Bolstraat (extremely large picture...!) -

Oh oh oh...earlier that day, there was an attack on our queen in another city (Apeldoorn):
This man drove through two police barriers and people who were just waving to our queen. They got hit the car from the back. And because of the crash, the car (total wreck) wasn´t able to make it to the bus of our queen anymore (and the whole royal family!) and drove against a statue.