Monday, March 30, 2009

Sample sales

Hm......don't you just love spontaneous moments?

When you wake up in the morning, most of the time you already know what you're gonna do the whole day.
But sometimes, you have to schedule unexpected invitations, unplanned dates, unplanned event visits, sample sales you didn't know of (just a few hours before it actually takes places)!

- Browsing through 15 euro Cheap Monday jeans -
Please help me out: I need to know the name of the first track of the fashion show, shown on the Cheap Monday website: 'Fashion Show Clip AW 09'

So, last friday, I had a tight schedule:

Me waking up at 7 am in the morning thinking: 'Where am I...? Oh right, I'm in 'E-town', at my parents' place...shit, I have to go to the dentist in 1.5 hour!'

After my dentist appointment, I had to go back to Amsterdam...with my dad being the driver of a rented van: I moved to a new place in Amsterdam. That's why I went back to E-Town to get the rest of my stuff. So right now, I don't live in the most coziest place of Amsterdam anymore (de Pijp). I moved to Amsterdam-East. For me, that's the same like going back to the ghet-towwwwww! The Big Boss is back in towwwwwn!!.

Yeah. Last friday. I went to an unplanned event (I had to take a break from packing out stuff and decorating my new room):

Streetlab organised a sample sale - fashion - music - drinks selling (ridiculously low priced!!!) cloths. I've seen a lot of Cheap Monday (Swedish brand!) stuff. I bought one black Cheap Monday t-shirt, because I am broke-as-a-joke. I will post a pic of myself wearing the tee...when it's hot, hot, hot, hot here in Amsterdam. :P

- DJ duo called 'HOMEWORK' -

- There was only one other photographer at the event-

- People were just taking their cloths off behind some clothing racks (fitting area?). I had a short but sweet meeting with these two lovely ladies in the back...........Mmm hm. -

More to come this week.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Golden oldies


- Richard Avedon, self portrait, august 20th, 1980 -

My apologies for the lack of posts. This week has been quite hectic for me already and it's only wednesday! And it's going to be more hectic this weekend! I'll tell you more about it, later this week. Or maybe even next week!

- And of course, another bike picture. :) -

So, I haven't made any fresh & interesting pics lately, but hopefully I will have lots of cool pics for my lovely, loyal readers (you) after this busy weekend. I also notice the decreasing numbers of visits of my blog, everytime I haven't posted anything new....(oh noooo!). So therefore, I'll post some 'older' pics (which were taken between februari and somewhere middle march), instead of letting you wait a whole week for a new post.

- I forgot the name of this person...such a shame, because I really like this portrait! Taken, sneakily, at FOAM Museum -

- Artmarket day!. -

Have a nice week(end)!! TTYL!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

W139 - Amsterdam - Part 2

The second series of pics of the opening evening at W139.

First part.

- Geer van der Klugt creation -

I really thought I had made more pics of Klugt's work...guess not! I should be ashamed...

- There were these huuuge peek-a-boo-boxes where you could see some forest art, all made by Erin Dunn -

- This is why you should go to the opening day of new exhibitions... -

And then it was time to go back home...

- Bikey, bikey in the Oude Hoogstraat -

update: Hey...that's odd; some of you notice the no-cycling sign in the picture. I didn't notice it untill a few of you made a comment about it...
So that Amsterdam, every cycler doesn't care about signs. We just wanna get home as fast as possible.
I'm going to find out why that sign is placed on that part of the be continued.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Sneaky pictures

Here are a few more pictures I shot of Richard Avedon's work.

Brigitte Bardot, 1959

'Brigitte Bardot was the French film star who achieved the greatest national and international acclaim in the late 50s and beyond, from the moment she shot to stardom in Roger Vadim's Et Dieu Créa La Femme in 1956. Her look -- the distinctive sensual pout, big pale blonde hair and dark-rimmed eyes -- rapidly came to define an era.

Richard Avedon perfectly captured her very particular seductive appeal in this study made in Paris in January 1959. Avedon's exposure gives the image a shimmer of movement, while his high key print bleaches her skin to throw her features into even greater prominence. It is hardly surprising that this stylised and striking portrait, with its abstracted emphasis on the iconography of her look, should be the one selected some years later by Andy Warhol as the basis for his silkscreen portraits of Bardot. In appropriating Avedon's original image, Warhol -- ever sensitive to the qualities that make a photograph peculiarly compelling -- paid the photographer the most precious of compliments.
-source of text:

- Andy Warhol, august 1969 -

In June 1968, Valerie Solanas, a peripheral member of The Factory and a militant feminist, shot Andy Warhol. Solanas was purportedly upset that Warhol had reneged on a promise to film a play she had written. After five hours in surgery, the bullets were removed and the doctors repaired as much of the damage as possible. Upon recovering, Warhol asked his friend Richard Avedon to photograph his scarred abdomen. Solanas eventually pleaded guilty to a charge of first-degree assault and spent three years in prison.
Source of this text:

All taken (SNEAKILY) at his exposition: 'Avedon, Photographs 1946-2004’ at FOAM museum, Amsterdam

Meet Nalden.

- Nalden...perhaps also a talented table football player? - :P

This very cool, relaxed, with a hiphop attitude, dude (1984) has been blogging since 2003. It all started as a joke; to keep in contact with his friends. The biggest change of his 'internet-career' is the launch of a new type of blog in 2008 called Rich Media Application (and the change of language from writing in Dutch to English). Since then, the amount of visitors quadripled to roughly 16.000 a day.
Everyday, you can read new stuff about the latest gadgets, parties, music, art, exhibitions, etc.
And like in the early days, he only posts subjects he's interested in. The tone of voice to his visitors hasn't changed either: he writes as he talks. So, no formal, fancy words. Just pure 'street talk'. Because to this day, he still writes for the same people: his homeboys. But in the meantime, the type of visitors that regularly visits his blog varies from television celebrities to sports athletes to big shot business players to even royalty folks!

Check out his awarded blog / website / Rich Media Application: and be amazed.

You can find the posts at the bottom of the's a whooole lotta fun! Personally, I think the best part of a post is when you click on 'comments'..........just see what happens. Amazing!

Yesterday, I interviewed him for my thesis which is about........blogging. What a surprise, eh?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

W139 - Amsterdam

Erin Dunn & Geer van der Klugt - Exhibition @ W139 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

As promised. Some pics of the opening evening of this new exhibition!

- W139 Gallery @ Warmoesstraat 139 -

- Series of drawings, all created by Dunn. The lady in this picture is not Erin Dunn...:)) -

- Distinguished by the Swans By artist: Erin Dunn -
Click on the picture above to see the unbelievable small's insane.

- Geer van der Klugt creation -
This was my favorite piece by Klugt as I was really drawn by the colored 'curtains' in the middle of the landscape.

More pics to come in part 2: Later this week!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Oude Hoogstraat, Amsterdam

I was at the opening of a new exposition in an art gallery called W139.
It was on the same day as when I went to Avedon's exposition :), so you can say it was quite an artful-day for me!

I will post some pictures of the art in this gallery, later this week.

But for now, enjoy the bokeh picture I shot when travelling back bike of course.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Richard Avedon at Foam

It was friday the 13th.
I went to Richard Avedon's exposition Richard Avedon - Photographs 1946-2004 in Foam and I didn't expect to see that many photo's of him. But I've been told it was only a small part of his work...!

You weren't allowed to take pictures but a lot of people were doing it. Sneaky bastards. Including me.

-Avedon (may 15th, 1923 - october 1st, 2004). Revolutionary fashion photographer.-

Highlight of the week. For sure!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cowboys & Indians party (Part 2)

Hej heyj!

Party 2 of the party!

Click here for the first series.

- Look at the walls! Amazing! -

- Unknown dancing people! -

- 'Someone' & Aysan -

- Kitchen-picture! -

- DJ Mark -

- DJ to the bathroom... -

- Gwenaelle & Nick -
'Toilet for ladies & gents. Please wank, piss, ejaculate, barf, put someone else's head IN THE POT. Don't forget to flush!! Aim straight or clean it yourself!' (My neighbour 'R', asked me to write something on the board. Haha.)

- Dougie!! -

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Artmarket (Part 3) - Final Part


This is (probably) going to be the last Artmarket post. I do have some other pictures left, but I'm really picky about them.

If you have missed the previous parts. Check 'm out:

Here for part 1.
And here for part 2.

- This 'painting' is so cute, yet very scary. Two girls forming a skull. -

- Girl with an (as we call it) 'Arafat' scarf and a leather jacket-man. -

- This pic was taken in the same 'gallery' as this one. -

Andy Warhol's lost son...(my sister told me that this girl (with red hat) and boy (with red scarf) are two world famous photographers. I forgot their names. Bummer!)

Speaking of Andy Warhol, he's alive and he has his own blog. I think it's the funniest blog of all the blogs I follow.
Normally I don't 'promote' other websites, but for this one, I make an exception. I hope he leaves a comment on this post. :)

Andy Warhol's Journal
Read the description under his profile picture. Super hilarious!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cowboys & Indians Party - Part 1

Ahhh yeah...,

After almost a half year of no partying in our building, my lovely neighbours from the third floor, 'R.' & 'S.' organised a birthday party (my neighbour 'R.' his b-day was in februari). Everyone got dressed up according to the party's theme: Cowboys & Indians! At first I was like...'oh noooo! I don't like theme-parties!'. But I actually had a really great time with my housemate, neighbours and new (facebook)friends. :P

- The invitation and my outfit at the party: checkered shirt, black bandana, GUN, dark blue navy jeans, white tank shirt. -

I helped out my neighbour with the set up of the party in the afternoon; moving furniture, clean up the mess, etc. He wanted to place the doll (which he found on the street) on the first floor to welcome the guests.

- Miss Little Black Eyed Nellie -

Before you continue, checking out the pics of the party, the first thing I would like you to do is to click on the flashy mp3 player and catch the vibe of the party, which I have recorded.

- Recorded music , vibe, conversations of the party -

- Miss Little Black Eyed Nellie Is Not Satisfied-

- My neighbour 'R' and australian dude 'T'! -

- Just hanging out in the kitchen. There's always a kitchen-party at 'house-parties'! -

-My other lovely neighbour 'S'! Such a sweet chick! (And crazy, I love that!). -

- Crazy peeps! -

- 'G' & 'N' (Australia) (Doesn't he look like this dude from A Clockwork Orange? Creepy shit!)-

Part 2, later this week!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Artmarket (Part 2)

Hello, hello...! Part 2!

Read all about my adventures at Artmarket right here!

- Sister glued on the clothing racks of course -

- Girl. Cloths. Spending money on cloths. -

- unknown person, sippin'! And artist in the back... -

- Beautiful artwork on a huge wall! -

- Musician Mike 'Aardvarck' Kivits -

- This one was taken at another 'opening' / 'gallery-art-party'...around the corner of Artmarket -

Friday, March 6, 2009

Mama didn't raise no fool

Yeah you read that right! My momma didn't raise no fooooool!

What a coincidence: today, I was flickering for some Richard Avedon pictures in FOAM and found out that the FOAM museum is promoting the Richard Avedon exposition with their posters, which are shown on a few spots in the city.

So, I called FOAM:

Me: Goedemiddag, ik heb een vraagje over de Richard Avedon posters die ik op bepaalde plekken in de stad heb gezien...
- Good afternoon, I have a question regarding the R.A. posters which I've seen in the city on several locations...-
FOAM-lady: Ja...........
- Yes.................. -
Me: Kan ik ze afhalen bij FOAM?
- Can I pick 'm up at FOAM? -
FOAM-lady: Nee. Ze zijn te koop...voor €35,-.
-No, they're for sale...for 43.9786 US DOLLARS / 408.937 SWEDISH KRONORS / 260.731 DANISH KRONORS / 313.127 NORWEGIAN KRONORS / 68.5277 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS / 56.5494 CANADIAN DOLLARS / 31.0571 GB POUNDS / 341.146 HONG KONG DOLLARS / and the self portrait of Richard Avedon himself are all sold out. And today....the Marilyn Monroe's are all sold out too.

That's friggin' expensive, don't you think?? For a poster...! I couldn't believe my ears.

- Me shouting - title of this post -!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I'm not going to pay €35,- for a (probably very small) poster!!
I bet they're not as big as the ones which are shown all over the city. Because those ones are almost twice as big as your (bedroom)door. For real; I used to have a H&M poster from a busstop...and it was SUPERhuge.

-* I was in the city for HOURS; didn't see 1 poster. Guess what...Right before I wanted to go inside of my apartment, I saw this poster-standing in the corner of my eye and immediately I was thinking about the afternoon, earlier today, when I was flickering for Avedon posters. I was hoping to see an Avedon poster if I would turn around and look straight at the poster standing. My prayers have been heard: Monroe was waiting for me across the street from where I live!! I can see her if I stand in front of the window. (Later on, I went back outside and made some pictures of her. This poster-standing is standing across a café and a lot of people were looking silly at me (they couldn't see the poster, as they're looking at the back of the poster-standing) because I was really excited and acting like a photographer who is ***shooting pretty girls outside of a fashionshow) -

They're for the city. All you have to do is:

1. Wait for the posterman, who is going to exchange these beautiful FOAM-posters with some other poster.
2. Throw a brick against those bus stop poster-frame thing / other poster-standings which all over the city...and just take 'm all out!

I want to do # 2. But I'm going for #1, because I can see Miss Monroe right now...and I'm going to get up extra early, wait in front of my window for the posterman...And when I see him, I'm going to run outside and ask him if I can have every Avedon-Foam-poster. Yay.

**I want this one.
(Bob Dylan)
**And this one.
(SOLD OUT self portrait of Richard Avedon)

* Picture by Me
** Pictures by Jarr Geerlig
*** Picture by Joris Bruring

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lekker rondbanjeren in de grote stad.

- wandering 'round in the big city -

My friend 'R.' wants me to write longer stories........naaaah, I'm not gonna!! Puh!

- Utrechtsestraat -

I made these pictures on a sunny (but very cold!) afternoon. Me and Stefan were just walking around the city. Don't you just LOOOVE days when you know you ain't got no obligations or any appointments ahead of you?

- Het Spui -

...but at the moment...I'm quite busy again.
Oh by the way, I have a new roommate. And it's not Scott like I told's Lydia. She moved in since sunday, but the poor thing has been sick ever since(!) and now my sister thinks her room is cursed. I think so too.. For real.
-edit version 5:20pm: Lydia went back home to her parents' allll the way up north...poor thing! She's coming back on sunday.-