Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Lekker rondbanjeren in de grote stad.

- wandering 'round in the big city -

My friend 'R.' wants me to write longer stories........naaaah, I'm not gonna!! Puh!

- Utrechtsestraat -

I made these pictures on a sunny (but very cold!) afternoon. Me and Stefan were just walking around the city. Don't you just LOOOVE days when you know you ain't got no obligations or any appointments ahead of you?

- Het Spui -

...but at the moment...I'm quite busy again.
Oh by the way, I have a new roommate. And it's not Scott like I told's Lydia. She moved in since sunday, but the poor thing has been sick ever since(!) and now my sister thinks her room is cursed. I think so too.. For real.
-edit version 5:20pm: Lydia went back home to her parents' allll the way up north...poor thing! She's coming back on sunday.-


Sunniva said...

Amazing photos as always. You have a great talent. Love those days where you know you've got nothing to do aswell...I rarely have them though. Hope your roommate feels better soon xx

Anja said...

Rommelmarktjes! Maar verder niets speciaals(dat ik weet). I like your blog! Eens eens wat anders dan die duizenden fashionblogs! (mijne inclusief(: )

miriam said...

my recent spontanious weekend is something i wish i could live up to every day. love the term "no obligations". and the tune i was referring to is pulp's "the boss"!

Yamila said...

oh!!Nice pictures!!
i like very much the first.

I "tagged" you! See my blog

diane said...

Your photos reflect how relaxed you were feeling. That's great news about your room mate, even better she's a girl, as you are already used to living with a female. :)

I gave your blog a mention for the fabulous blog award. Feel free to steal the image from my page and do your own thing with it. xo

daniqueconijn said...

Mooimooimooi die tweede vooral :D Was dat die dag dat jullie ook op de Nes waren? Hihi xoxo

drollgirl said...

i like that bike shot!

and i don't think a lot of bloggers have patience for long stories, so you are doing just fine!

Ausrine said...

I love days where you can do whatever you want :) it's so free and not stressful.
(mark ronson is a musician and producer. he produced some of lily allen's music and collaborated with people like Amy Winehouse and the singer from Phantom Planet!)

Dandy Golfo said...

I loved these days as a child, no obligations time!hehe
I really like that first picture.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I keep my sundays lazy with no plans! Poor roomie!! I hope she feels better, remind me never to stay in that room haha xo

Morgan said...

I love the first photograph !
Hope Lydia feels better : )

Dominica said...

Give her our best wishes in getting well soon !
Love the first picture !
It has this "seventies" feeling for me, I don't know why, maybe because of the B/W ..?

Did she drop her glove btw ?

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Mooie 2e foto. Ik zie dat je je goed vermaakt, hoe is het weer, wordt het al wat warmer? :D

E said...

I love the 'unexpected' focus in the second photo. The first one is great as well. Love your composition. lol I am pretty much obsessed with that. ;)


Anonymous said...

I WOULD have sent you the hat, but I guess it was to feminine for you for nude pictures :)