Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Artmarket (Part 3) - Final Part


This is (probably) going to be the last Artmarket post. I do have some other pictures left, but I'm really picky about them.

If you have missed the previous parts. Check 'm out:

Here for part 1.
And here for part 2.

- This 'painting' is so cute, yet very scary. Two girls forming a skull. -

- Girl with an (as we call it) 'Arafat' scarf and a leather jacket-man. -

- This pic was taken in the same 'gallery' as this one. -

Andy Warhol's lost son...(my sister told me that this girl (with red hat) and boy (with red scarf) are two world famous photographers. I forgot their names. Bummer!)

Speaking of Andy Warhol, he's alive and he has his own blog. I think it's the funniest blog of all the blogs I follow.
Normally I don't 'promote' other websites, but for this one, I make an exception. I hope he leaves a comment on this post. :)

Andy Warhol's Journal
Read the description under his profile picture. Super hilarious!!


diane said...

Nice assortment. The skull is creepy. I've always liked "Arafat" scarves. Been to A.W.'s blog before, yep, he's hilarious.
(you're welcome, let me know how it turns out) xo

Anonymous said...

thank u for your comments
pleased to hear

Rita said...

Arafat scarves hahahahaha. I don't know why but I think that's so funny, hahaha. I'm seriously laughing here to myself, and now, because of you, this boy sitting in front of me thinks I'm smiling at him or something, thaaanks.

Jack Daniel said...

@ diane: I'll definitely try out that recipe and I'll let you know....if it's going to work out. :)
@ catherine pri: :)
@ Rita: keep smiling at him and then...tell him to visit my blog! :P

Leigh said...

I love!!!! that skull painting, wow:) Thank you for the introduction:)

Anonymous said...

Ik kom maybe in 3 or 4 weeks to Amsterdam! woho!

Antonia said...

i LOVE that first painting (girls & skull).

I'm studying apparel design and textile product development.

Hopefully I'll be 'superfamous' in Canada one day ;)
we'll see!!

Dooder City said...

I love all the photos. I like to go gallery hopping here in nyc. I go on thursdays when they have some openings..quite enjoyable.

Yvonne said...

i don't think the first pic is scary! just interesting... andy warhol is still alive??? i'm so checking out his blog.

Anonymous said...

eventhough i do not support those scarves in any way, i like the picture! andy warhol is cool, i saw a huge warhol-exhibition in stockholm last year. and haha, my lips are big (southitalian genes), so when i smile a bit it looks like i'm pouting, but i am not! (and no you're notthe first one to comment this :P)

Mari said...

A man without any problem is not a real man! =)

produit frais said...

Damn, I should have made it to the market. My friend called it a Berlin experience in Amsterdam. But since I was too busy organizing my shoot, I thought if this was successful, there will be a next one & I will be there!

Yamila said...

I like these pictures!
I have pictures of my city on my blog ... I wait for you!

E said...

wow. your photos are pretty much amazing. the first and second ones are very cinematic.. the last one could easily be a magazine cover or something. :)

your blog is filled with such awesome-ness.


Marquis de Lannes said...

Me gustan tus fotos!!

miriam said...

ah, i so want to go to Amsterdam! quite a few of my colleagues are going next week, i'm jealous!

Kiki said...

i'm curious to who the photographers are... ask your sister again! :-)

ps: how come that everytime i visit your blog this annoying pop-up appears? or do i ask a very stupid question now?

Jack Daniel said...

@ Kiki: ahhh, you're not the only one. Some other people see it too. Are you using Firefox? I don't see it (because I use Safari)...perhaps you should delete your history of the browser (delete cookies).

Anonymous said...

Andy Warhoool! <3
keimoooie foto's! :)