Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gonna rock it very soon.

I had to go through alllllllll my pictures the past few days and found this quite oldy one...

Backstage at the Rocksoon shooting. January, 12th, 2010. Taken during my internship at a fashion agency.

Rocksoon is a new Dutch based (Japanese style) denim label.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Strolling through Amsterdam with my lovely Rollei 35s

Some pics taken with the Rollei 35 S (black version):

(unfortunately, I don't have a scanner, so all these pics are taken with my digital camera...)

Anneloes & Victor at the I Love Vintage opening (thursday, march 18th, 2010)

De Dep during the Nike SB party (thursday, march 18th, 2010). (Check out their website to see what's happening this week(end)! Ugly graphic design (hahahaha), but the best temporary club in Amsterdam. For sure.

Caroline Doherty creating art at W139, during the Blinded Tourist project. See my previous post about this project. :)