Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Blinded Tourist @ W139

Would you go to a city, which you've never visited before, and lock yourself up in a building for one week and then go back to where you came from?

I have participated in a project called Blinded Tourist. Visual artist Mariëlle Videler was in charge as she was intensively involved in the project which lasted for eight days inside the art gallery called W139.

Check out an old blogpost of mine about this gallery.

Four artists, who were chosen out of 59, have never been to Amsterdam and will not see Amsterdam in reality but will experience their whole trip through visitors of W139 and the reporters. I was one of the reporters and took pictures around the city of subjects which were requested by the artists.

Part of the expo including my work (hanging pictures).

Zhou Bin (from China) wanted to see 'old people'.

Davide Savorani (Italy) wanted to see me in my house. The picture in this picture was taken in my bathroom... :)

And this is the paper house (paper and wood) where they spent the nights. Inside, there's only a mattress...(and of course their personal belongings, like clothing, a suitcase, etc.)

On friday, april 2nd, it's the opening of a new exposition called: Doktor Faustus. And this picture shows a secret preview of the expo...

Monday, March 22, 2010

No sleeping.

Only partying.

Invitational Nike SB party @ DEP.

For those of you who follow me through Twitter or is a friend on already know that I haven't got much sleep lately.

This picture was taken at the Nike SB Party which I went to, after visiting the opening evening of the I Love Vintage Store. I took pictures with my film camera (the black Rollei 35 S) at the I Love Vintage store, so I'll post them here once I have them developed. :)

Have a nice week.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Two seconds of model Lily Donaldson

Nowness presents:

Flying Hair, shot by her daddy Matthew Donaldson.

Lily Donaldson on the set with four wind machines while her daddy, Matthew Donaldson, sat behind the extremely high tech camera called Phantom Gold HD (with a price tag that says $ 118.000,-(!!!!!!!!!))

Only 2 seconds were recorded, but everything was slowed down to a 1000 frames per second.

Hair by Sam McKnight and music composed by Zero 7.

If you want to save the movie for your personal fashion videos here...shhhh...illegal stuff!
(To be played in VLC Media Player...)

-small lay out change of blog, more to come...-

Friday, March 12, 2010

Jacques Mag

Okay. I keep apologizing everytime I post something new on the blog. But...I can't help it: sorrry!! Again. For the lack of updating this website. I have been (again) extremely busy! After graduating college, I am busier than ever with planning my future, working 3,4 jobs (now it's only 2) and say hello to friends and family every now and then. I have even thought about closing this blog because I thought I would never have the time again to post something new. Ridiculous huh?

Today I've found something worth to mention: Jacques Mag

And I just think it's such a coincidence, because not only does this magazine carries my family name, the editor in chief is called Danielle. And also, the whole magazine represents my interests: photography, and...these wonderful creatures.

The Sports issue trailer: Squash.

I wish it was my mag because it looks sooo good! I'm going to ask my favorite magazine store Athenaeum (Amsterdam) if they sell it. Probably not...
Perhaps I should apply for a job as an editor or photographer for the magazine...

Click here to read the interview with the Editor in Chief of Jacques Mag: Danielle Luft.