Saturday, January 31, 2009

Mediamatic - R.I.P. exhibition

A photographer went to Harlem, NYC, and photographed the dead people in their coffins. Yesterday was the opening of this exhibition in Medimatic in Vijzelstraat!

- Death people in their coffins -

- Mediamatic was founded by Willem Velthoven (man with the microphone and Jans Possel (lady in white with photo-camera)) -

- You could also go to Heaven with the roller stairs. Once in 'Heaven', there was a small exhibition of coffins made in Ghana, Africa -

- Nike shoe coffin! -

- Oh my GOD. It's Mudboy and he creates the most dreamy music I've ever heard. If you're either drunk or 'high on crack', I think he can put you in a trance with his music and kidnap you to his hometown Portland, Rhode Island.-

- Party 'till 1am. -

More pics will be uploaded to my personal website

Open dag - Rietveld Academie - Amsterdam

- Open day - Rietveld Academy -

Yesterday, I went to the Open Day of the Rietveld Academy. Lots of things were going on, on every department of the building. There was even a rockband playing in a very small room in a different building. The Rietveld Academy is quite a prestigious Art School; many people think it's the best of the country, other people think it's not a good art school at all because of the way of teaching.
Anyhow, I've seen a lot of interesting people, and I think 60% of all the students are not Dutch. Haha.

- Button's and scetches -

- Architecture -

Eva & Eefje
These two cutiepies are fashion students. Eva (curly hair girl) studies at Rietveld and Eefje (short it!) studies in Arnhem at ArtEZ, another prestigious art school. The same school were Viktor & Rolf graduated in 1992. Click on the pictures for a better view.

- How cute. -

- I should've asked another picture of Eefje's outfit under her beautiful coat...I think it was a one-whole-white-suit -

- One of many fashion creations -

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Friday, January 23, 2009

Waarom regent het nou?

- Why does it rain? -

I took the public transport to the building where I had an assignment for my internship. I NEVER take public transport, but was rainy as hell. I decided to walk back home and make some pics. These were taken in Vijzelstraat. I took a picture of this street before. Check it out!

- Vijzelstraat with public transport -

- Vijzelstraat..rainy! -

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Ik hou van pakketjes

'I love packages'

Yesterday, I received a package. It was THE package with the new lens. The 'Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II'!

- I just luuuuuuve opening a package. -

- And now, I have two lenses. One of 'm is...f****d up! -

- First picture ever with this new lens. It's a picture of my old 18-55mm lens. Goodbye, you're going back in a box.-

Soon-ish, I will post some more interesting pictures. Please be patient. Thank you!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Canon EF 50mm f/1.8 II, R.I.P. / I've been tagged.


Well this is my beautiful lens which broke in two. I clicked back together the parts and I can make pictures again. But only from a small distance. It cannot focus anymore in long distance.

- My poor dead lens. -

- As you can see, the right side of the lens is little lower than the other side. It's f***ed up. -

These ones were taken with the 'Canon EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 II'. It's an 'okay' lens. But I prefere my '50mm 1.8' one. Goodbye my friend. It's been a short friendship (november 2008) but I've had some good times. R.I.P.

- When I opened up my bag, it looked like this... -

- Cry my eyes out Pt. 1 -

- Cry my eyes out Pt. 2 -

I've been tagged by Diane. So here we gooo!

5 things I love:
1. Certain people around me. You know who you are!
2. Being creative (photography, graphic design...experimenting in photoshop)
3. Sitting behind the laptop / being online: checking my e-mail accounts every 10 or so minutes, reading blogs (fashion, graphic design, photography) listen to music.
4. When I know I don't have any obligations for the next day...that's the best feeling.
5. I love good food.

5 things I hate:
1. People who think they're 'all that'. Especially women. So annoying. :P
2. When my laptop isn't working (shuts down, being slow...very slow.)
3. When I make a picture, and it turns out very bad!!!
4. Being hungry.
5. When I have to go to bed. I NEVER sleep before 2am because I want to do way too much.

5 Random things you don't know about me: (this is a bit too personal...but here we go)
1. I like it when bad things happen to me, because after those bad moments, it can only go one way up: the good way. With this in mind, I always have a optimistic attitude towards life...
2. I've released music on vinyl.
3. I love 'women-shows' like Oprah, Gilmore Girls, Sex and The City, Gossip Girl, etc. and I'm about to watch The City because my sister told me I should watch it. (I don't want to, because I don't want to get hooked on another show!)
4. I've practised Brazilian Jiu Jitsu for about a year. But, unfortunately, I don't have the time for it right now.
5. I've lived in Sweden for 5 months (januari 2008 - june 2008). So, jag kan talar lite Svenska! Men, min engelska är naturligtvis mycket bättre. Jag tänker flytta tillbaka till Sverige på studerar Master Programme Medier & Kommunikation på Stockholms universitet. Or something like that...:P

I'd like to tag The Man Who Knew Too Much, because he's about to leave Amsterdam for a country far, far away from here! If that's okay with him. If not...I know someone else. Har-har.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Slecht nieuws

- bad news -

Some more bad news for me. My lens has broken in parts as I have accidentally dropped my bag (with the camera inside) on the road while waiting for the traffic lights to go green.

So no fresh pics 'till next week as I have ordered a new lens. More money spending like water...I'm so broke as a joke, it's unreal!

Here are some pics I've made yesterday while walking around my neighbourhood. It's also the very last day of my 'living' lens...which wasn't broken yet.

- This is a cute little store on the famous 'Albert Cuypmarkt', in Albert Cuypstraat. :) -

- Welcome to my...'district'

- Part of my street -

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Doe het zelf

Do it yourself

Well, I got lost in my own house while chasing the cat, Mimi, and all of a sudden I was in my sister's room and found an old issue of Self Service Magazine (# 26) with the very beautiful Chloe Sevigny on the cover! Shot by David Sims. Well, actually...she was not only shown on the cover, almost this whole issue was Chloe Sevigny-ized.

- Chloe on the cover of Self Service (Magazine) -

Polaroids with only French actresses!

- I'm out of Photography / Graphic Design inspiration. Next time...more original pictures!!

Do you have a favorite magazine(s)?

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gewoon lekker fietsen.

-just riding my bike-

We had such a beautiful light today. But I was a little too late for that. Until around 2pm there's always this special light. I took a picture of that a few posts back.

Here are some pics I took today while crrruisin' downtown.

- Vijzelstraat -

- This was taken while I was just crrruisin' through the city. It's a part of my bike. Can you guess what part? :P -

- Peeking through a hole of cloths. I like spying on my neighbours... -

- And oh yeah, I got me a copy of Paul Arden's book: 'It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be'.
I already own an Arden book which is called: 'Whatever you think, think the opposite'.. And although I don't agree with everything he says, he did changed a little of my way of thinking when making decisions. -

Have a nice weekend!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tag Post

I was tagged by one of my favorite bloggers in the world: Rita

These are the rules if you have been tagged:

1. Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures.
2. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.
3. Explain the picture.
4. Tag 4 people to do the same!

I have to be honest, I didn't really follow Rule #1 because I couldn't follow it!
Lemme explain: I have many, many, many photography-folders, sorted on different cities and dates, stored on my external hard disk. (I don't have any pictures on my laptop. :))
So, I couldn't choose which one of the hundreds of 'photography-folders' I should choose.
But I chose for a picture when I lived in Sweden. So here we go:


I travelled a lot when I lived in Sweden. Me and my group always booked trips all over Scandinavia. This is a picture (a picture of a fourth folder!! :)) taken in Kiruna, Sweden. Allll the way up north. And it took 13 hours by train (!!!!!) to travel from Sundsvall, the town where I lived, to that beautiful town.
We stayed there for three days and on day two, it was 'Dog Sled' day. So what you see are dogs who are pulling our sled through the woods. They're sooo strong!!!

I've had the time of my life and I'm thinking of going back to Sweden. Forever. Although the people are quite introvert (from what I've experienced :)) they are extremely friendly once you start a conversation. And they can all speak English fluently. Sometimes with a heavy english accent as if they're from the U.K. Haha.

Anyways, here are 4 people I'm going to tag:

1. The Man Who Knew Too Much
2. Naomi Sunshine Ferst
3. Josefin
4. Dandy Golfo

Can't wait to see what they're gonna show us.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Lekker dansen tot je erbij neervalt

- dance 'till you drop -

So me and Dennis aka The Man Who Knew Too Much (way, way waaaay too much) went out shooting.
Yes, we went out. Shooting.

So, as you all know (I'm talking to the readers who've already seen and read Dennis' blog about this night) at the beginning of the night, there was a concert by Einstein Barbie. I didn't expect them to be this good. I really, really liked their music. Actually, their live performance was more uplifting and funky than the music you can listen to on their website.

For more pics. Just check out Dennis' blog. can just stay on my blog and check out the pictures all over and over and over again. :)

Have a nice day!

And remember, no regrets this year, okay? It's only the 5th day of this new year...take risks! My year already started bad. But...when looking at these pics, you can tell I've also already exprienced some very, very good moments.

- Blowing bells. -

- When I was taking this picture, people were shouting and getting crazy about this solo-part of this lil lady. She was amazing. -

- She was cuuute. -

- Rocking boy -

- And all of a sudden...out of nowhere, there were these dancers on stage...dancing like there was no tomorrow. -

- Girl, boy, girl. -

- Martin Duvall aka Martin C. de Waal -

- A boy. Yes...a boy! Getting down on a girl...on stage. How lovely! -

- It looks like three different pictures, photoshopped in one. But that's not the case right here. It's one picture and the colours aren't added in photoshop either (Lights in the club!). Sometimes, blurry pics are niiice! This one is actually one of my personal fave's! It reminds me of a fashion shoot of photographer Steven Meisel's student. I can't remember his name-

Special thanks to The Man Who Knew Too Much for making my day.

Friday, January 2, 2009


- being cranky / bad mood -

Oh nooo...2009 already started bad for me. I have received The Blue Envelope from 'De Belastingdienst' (tax company). Which means good or bad news. OF COURSE it was BAD news for me and now I have to pay A LOT of taxes...Bitches! I was gonna save up some money for a new iMac but nooo.
I have to pay almost one third of the price of a new iMac. Boy oh boy. It's hard being Jack Daniel. Always struggling in life.
(I also had a flat tire, so I had to bring my bike all the way to a bike...thingy! Bikestore / Bike-repare-store / Bike-garage.)

Anyways. My sister cheered me up by telling me all these stories of people she knows being in bigger (financial) problems than me and took me to a nice place called Latei. Perhaps my fellow blogger and only regular Dutch visitor of my blog, The Man Who Knew Too Much, knows this cozy place. He probably does...hence his name. He knows a lot...

Check out these pics I made during my crankyness-mood to happiness-mood. Amsterdam is the right city which can make you smile again, even when you're in a very depressing mood and struggling hard to survive.
Thanks Mokum!

- There were these different lamps (for sale!) hanging on the ceiling. -

- Cups, boards, plates. Almost everything you see in this lunch / breakfast place was for sale. -

- Then, after lunch we walked into an unexpected Asian event: I think the Dragons are supposed to move the bad spirits out of the houses. But only the places where they had how do you call this in english? for the Dragons. -

- Hanging up the food which the Dragons had to eat. -

- Cute Dragon. -

- My sister. Scared like a mouse of what's coming up next! -

- Firecrackers! -

- And then we moved along. Walking over the little bridges to cross the canals. -

- Of course, we came across lots and lots of bicycles! -

- Almost near our place. This picture (of Sarphatistreet) was taken when we were walking through Sarphatipark.. -