Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gewoon lekker fietsen.

-just riding my bike-

We had such a beautiful light today. But I was a little too late for that. Until around 2pm there's always this special light. I took a picture of that a few posts back.

Here are some pics I took today while crrruisin' downtown.

- Vijzelstraat -

- This was taken while I was just crrruisin' through the city. It's a part of my bike. Can you guess what part? :P -

- Peeking through a hole of cloths. I like spying on my neighbours... -

- And oh yeah, I got me a copy of Paul Arden's book: 'It's not how good you are, it's how good you want to be'.
I already own an Arden book which is called: 'Whatever you think, think the opposite'.. And although I don't agree with everything he says, he did changed a little of my way of thinking when making decisions. -

Have a nice weekend!


diane said...

Must be pretty cold there, hardly anyone out and about.
Peeping Jack, well well.
The front steering piece.
At first glance, your stairs look like they are carpeted in weed.

Does my comment qualify for haiku?

Leigh said...

It looks so cold in the top photo, I love it.

and in response to a few of your questions:)
I use a Nikon D50 and all of those illustrations and paintings are my art unless I otherwise note it.

You have a great blog and I will definitely be visiting often.



Dominica said...

part of the bike :
het stuur ?
(sorry for the non-dutch speaking people, I know the word but I'm not sure how to spell it :-// )

Great first picture - have a nice (peek-a-boo) weekend too

Emily Wong said...

i loooooove the first picture! Looks like you've captured a lot in it.

Rita said...

I know what part of the bike that is! But I have nooo idea how to say it in English, only Spanish; volante, manubrio, either one works. The bicycle version of the steering wheel in a car, hahaha. Steering handle, maybe? I don't know.

It's killing me now! Hahaha.

karl's sweet child said...

that peek a boo picture is so funny!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

First picture depicts a great cold atmosphere :)
Yea, het stuur is the part of the bicycle hehe.

electric feel said...

i like the first pic
it's perfect

STEFANIE said...

Great pictures again, especially the first one! I feel really cold just looking at it!
Oh and the second pic is definitely het stuur, I think it's called the handlebar in english but I'm not sure ^-^
Thanks for the camera advise too, I'll keep it in mind!

Evelyn said...

I wanna come to Amsterdam immediately when looking at your first photo! How great is it!!!
Compared to HK, Amsterdam is a city with less crowds.

Anonymous said...

It's the stuur of your bike mateyh! Arrr... the flat tire of your bike is fixed I guess?? Anyhow, did you enjoyed the ice? I walk on the ice on the Ringdijk with my parents. Like Jesus... but than on ice :p


Pretty Guide of Art said...

nice blog as allways.
see you and best regards.

sex.kitten said...

I really like the first picture it's very inspiring to me!!
Thanks for visiting my blog! I'm in love with what you have going on with these phtographs... plain awesome!!

Let's Keep in Touch


Aava said...

The first picture just makes me want to take a taxi to the airport and take the next flight over!

daniqueconijn said...

Woooow my little buddy i envy your pretty pics... i miss ol' times takin' pics & havin' sips on a terrace ;) XOXO

Bradford said...

these are great. i especially love the first one.

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hey- thanks! Yeah, my brother took those :) for me. I like these photos you posted. Nice and artistic!

The song is Bad girl by Devendra Banhart! :) Oh and I changed the title on the header, no tricks on your eyes. ;)

Mel said...

wow these photos are amazing. love the blog x

Katie said...

I really wish I could move to such a beautiful place!And now referring to your question , yes it's him :)

Evelyn said...

i read the book " it's not how good you are,it's how good you want to be " at book store!! It's interesting, thanks for introducing!!!