Thursday, November 11, 2010

Home is where the heart is

I forgot where I get this line from! Probably some hiphop track...?, I don't think so.

Well, at the moment I'm searching for a new home because my next home will be a home where my heart really is at home.

Taken at Blasiusstraat, Amsterdam (east!). Apartamento style...haha.

Check out my flickr to see another shot of this home, and the story behind these pictures...

-update...I was Gil Scott Heron with - 'Home Is Where The Hatred Is' - I've been listening to his albums for hours and hours...

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I don't care if I'm gonna be jailed


I discover new (and very good!) photographers on the Flickr website on a daily's unreal! The competition is extremely fierce among photographers and there are so many of 'em out there. It is hard to stand out from this group, who are all trying to get THE picture which will make them famous. I love taking pics myself but it's getting slow when it comes to getting worldwide recognition.
I know it's not coming my way when I'm not doing anything about gotta take some risks in life.

Me and my sister have been 'working on' this project for the past two or so years, and I don't want to wait another whole year to start with I gotta work on it!!
Actually it's a project just in our heads, but we've never started it because it involves 'violating privacy rights'...hahaha. Also, it should be dark outside as it is an outdoor project. No studio work. We use the real shit right here! All taken outside on the streets and lowlight with only street lighting! So, that's why I'm glad the days are getting shorter right now and it's already dark around 5:30pm...

I'm sure when this project will be published in book and her will be called the most original and daring photographers in the world. Hehehehehehe....

My sister is too busy to upload her photography work on the that's why I'm gonna do it. Hahaha...

Pic taken by my sister...! (Sis and her Spanish friend in the background...)

-will upload some new pics on my flickr this weekend!-