Thursday, November 26, 2009

Good days / Bad days

Hello y'all.....

Sorry for not being on the internet for sooooooooo many days. But as you know; luck is definitely something I have to work for. It doesn't come my way just like that.
Well, once again I'm in a BAD situation:

First of all: I had no internet connection for almost a week...(!) second: I'm infected with the New Influenza A (H1N1) and really thought of dying...
I felt so miserable, it was unreal!! My whole body was in agonizing pain...and I was sweating like crazy. But no worries, as I am feeling a lot better than earlier this week. I still feel a lil bit dizzy and I use one toilet paper roll a day for my snotty nose.

But I'm ready to update my blog more often again! Well, at least I'm going to TRY to update it as often as possible because I'm going to move to a new apartment this sunday, so I still have lots of busy days ahead of me!

*the following pictures are to be displayed on a large scale (in a dark room, otherwise you can not see the details).

My lil light, which kept me alive when I was really, really sick.

This picture is taken in my old town where I was born and raised. My folks still live there. I wanted to go back to my parents' place so they could take care of me, but...I didn't had the strenght to get up. So I stayed in Amsterdam, in my bed for almost three days straight.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Amsterdam, october 2062.

Sometimes, I have these futuristic images of myself. But where do I really end up? Amsterdam? Seattle?
Perhaps I don't even make it to 2062. You know, last week I was thinking about the following: every living person on this planet will be gone within a 100 years. We will be replaced by our next generation. But what if we are the last generation? The whole planet will be deserted...

It 'll be like the movie I am Legend.

May I ask where you are located right now? And do you stay there for the rest of your life...?

An image from the future of me and my wife in 2062.

Taken with the Olympus Pen EE in Ceintuurbaan, de Pijp (October 2009)

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Passion Pit @ Paradiso

After waiting for almost 4 months (!!), they finally came back to Amsterdam. I'm talking about the american band called Passion Pit. In juli, the leadsinger Michael Angelakos lost his voice and the band decided (a few hours before their performance!) to cancel the Amsterdam-concert in the Paradiso.
I discovered them through radio, so I gotta give props for that. But I also HATE them because I only have 30 tracks left on their radio account! And they won't allow me to listen to it again until I pay €3.00/month!!

Anyway, here are some pics of the night...have a nice week(end)!

I think he broke his arm after he jumped from the drummer's section to the front stage...

Thanks Passion Pit.

- Passion Pit - I've Got Your Number (Chunk Of Change EP (2008)) -

By the way, I have been awarded a Splash Award by Dominica from Faces and Places of of Antwerp. Probably the most exciting city of Belgium...yes or no?
I feel so honored! I'm serious here.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Work / Life / Future

Meet M. (my Boss of the company I'm now working for...). This (unfortunately a little bit overexposed...) pic was taken during our walk with her dogs in a park near her house. In the background you can see Tabor...trying to bark his tennisball back out of the water...

Me and M. at least have one thing in common: our love for vintage camera's...!! These camera's right here were a few of the 58 camera's in total which she bought for only €120,-!!!! How insane is that??

Suit (a Danish brand) is one of the Scandinavian brand's she's dealing with. It's also one of my favorite brands because almost everything of the mens collection is just really cool! This good looking sequin sweater is one of the main pieces of the new season (from the women's collection of course).

I'm not too sure about my future at this company because I'm thinking of going back to school next year; The School of Photography. Either somewhere here in The Netherlands or in Sweden; Göteborg to be exact.
Or, I'm just going to stay the autodidact that I am, travel all over the world and just seize the day.

Me and my Kowa Six