Monday, August 17, 2009

Old babies

I became a proud father of three new (old) babies.

Lately, I've been into film photography. It all started with the interest in buying a Rolleiflex earlier this year. Unfortunately, those vintage camera's are now highly sought after and the prices are ridiculously, extreeemely, enooormously high: depending on the type of model and their condition (mint condition or almost falling apart-condition), prices range from around $100,- on ebay to...$6,699 dollars when buying a new (remake) one! If you're really really lucky, you can get the original one on markets, second hand (electronic) shops (somewhere on this planet) for a very cheap price.
I've been studying different type of analogue camera's...and there are way too many great ones. As you already know, I have an old (dated from 1957) Yashica-B camera and last week, I've bought another film camera on ebay:

Rollei 35s (1976?)

Rollei 35s; the smallest ever 135 film, full frame (35mm) camera ever built. And it's fully mechanical, which means that you don't need a battery to take a picture. :)
(Perhaps this one needs to get checked because there's something about the shutter speed.....just some extra info for all you camera-geeks out there.)

I was looking for an old Olympus Pen EE after reading a lot of good reviews on the net. Also, many magazines (on- and offline) are talking about the latest camera hype Olympus E-P1. So, I wanted to know about the history of the PEN-series. And that's how I got to know about this classic one:

Olympus Pen EE

What I like about this camera, is the fact it's a half frame camera. You can make diptych pictures with it. Click on the lovely word to see some examples of it. :) It's just two pictures in one. (I have to find out which year this one was built. Probably around 1960's.)

Olympus Trip 35

(Gotta decode the serial number to find out in which year this one was built!)

Yesterday, I've bought some film for this baby, right here. This one is almost fully automatic, which I don't really like because I like to have control over the whole process of taking pictures. It's a 'point and shoot' camera. The only settings you have to do are ASA (iso of filmroll) and choose focus range of four positions (1 person, 2 people, 3 people, mountain, which equates to 1m, 1.5m, 3m and infinity (persons and mountain aren't shown in this picture...hehehe)) When shooting flash, it's possible to adjust aperture from f/2.8 'till f/22.
Got it off It's like ebay.

Some Olympus Trip 35 examples. Click it!!!

Check out this funny commercial advert starring photographer David Bailey


L. said...

I'm jealous... You should give me your older one :)

it's a pity you don't use skype anymore !


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Yesteday I walked down a market alley in Maastricht and one of the vendors sold like 100 different analogue oldies. I think you would have spent the rest of the day testing their assortment. :P

Congrats with your new babies. :)

A home far away said...

Hi, I had a meeting with a restaurant here in Singapore, Iåm arranging a party for over 100 people, that´s the meeting I had:)

//Gunilla in Singapore

diane said...

The last one sounds perfect for me, as I have no talent what so ever. I've always been fascinated by really good photography, as a spectator.

Rita said...

Soo cool! I still really, really, reaaallly want to get into film. Maybe I should start to look up cameras more seriously!

Can't wait to see the pictures you take with these!

Dooder City said...

I've always wanted to take photos but I don't know if I have an eye for it. I love these cameras though. They are a work of art on their own!

Dominica said...

Even when you put them on display - and would never use them, they still look great in any interior !
Gonna follow you again on Twit - was hacked and lost my old MissBelchique account ...sorry !

electric feel said...

the shoots are taken by Luis Sanchis, 2006
title: Malibu Song

thanks for your lovely comments

Crystal Ball said...

I have this deep fascination for vintage cameras. I own two, one that is not fully working (I need to go get it fixed). But mine are nowhere near as good as the ones above.
Thank you for stopping by my blog. I am a creative writing/journalism major and I might minor in photography. I attend a small college in California and I plan to transfer to a prestigious university by the name of UC Berkeley two years from now.

ayu said...

OMG i envy you!!

Suusje Q. said...

Heey Jack,

Thanks voor al je comments! Heb een heel leuke verjaardag gehad en ben uberverwend!!

Om nog even terug te komen op je ambulancereactie.. Misschien zie jij er zo veel omdat je vlakbij het OLVG woont? Ik zie ze vooral vaak langs mn werk rijden. (Rozengracht)


Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

This post was probably made to personally bully me! This is just mean. I would love to hold your babies, is that ok? If you ever get tired I can babysit. Please be tired, please.

but Your babies are beautiful take good care of them. And make sure those beautiful Olympus babies wont grow to up to be ugly digital babies. In my opinion Olympys adults are far from perfect.

Ruhvana "your future babysitter"

Sid said...

Oooh I really love old cameras. But I'm not even sure where I'd go to get my hands on these.

Anonymous said...

gaaf! ik heb nu een oude nikon camera van mn pa overgenomen en het is wat wennen maar brengt veel moois op. de resultaten zijn te zien op JFD nog niet op j'sphotographie die moet snel geupdate worden:P

With love Jessi

osma harvilahti said...

Sweet cameras! I like your blog!

Wends said...

OOOH i have a rollei 35 S too,
I found mine in an antique camera store in hong kong. love it to death, i'm way to protective about the film, i still have developed one roll :S

cool blog