Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Lykke Li (and 'Wild Birds & Peace Drums')

My future wife performed in Amsterdam, last wednesday. Her name is Lykke Li. Here are some captures of the night. I need to get me a new lens because 95% of all the pictures were extremely blurry.

-Wild Birds & Peace Drums-

-Wild Birds & Peace Drums-

-Waiting for Lykke Li-

-Lykke Li-

-Lykke Li-

-Lykke Li-

-Lykke Li-

-Lykke Li-

-Lykke Li-

-if you want the originals, e-mail me-

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Live from Amsterdam - Part 1

A new, a new blog for a new chapter in my life. In Amsterdam. And to start off the new blog, here are some images:

-Due to family issues, I had to remove some of the pictures of my apartment...-

-Nightview from my bedroom in Amsterdam.-

-Voltt Loves Summer 2008 bracelet (taken in my old studio)-

-Sunglasses, found @ Voltt.......haha (taken in my old studio)-

-My previous bed...(taken in my old studio) -

-I'm going to see Lykke Li @ Paradiso-

-Party (reminds of me of those swedish parties I've had when I was in Sweden! Click here!)-


-Swedish and U.K. blokes-

-Drawings on the wall...-

-One part of the (crazy) kissing-brothers-

-It was very crowded-

-Dancing in front of the iMac-