Sunday, June 21, 2009

Yashica B, Part 2

For all you photography lovers out there, here´s a small selection of black & white pics made with the antique camera.
These were all shot with an expired Kodak Tri-X 400 film.

Keersloot at 3 am.

Man in the mirror

Something went wrong´s a picture of our bicycle shelter and Staalstraat combined.

The next series of Yashica pics will be in color.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Une source d´inspiration; G.D.

Ooh la laaa...c´est magnifique...c´est...incroyable!
Her blog is more delicious than a french chocolate croissant!!
(hm, I´m actually not really sure about that...)

She´s coming to Amsterdam...! And she will probably come during Amsterdam International Fashion Week in july.

I would love to know her opinion of the streetstyle fashion in Amsterdam. Because, to be honest, the style you see here is nothing compared to the fashion style you see on the streets of Paris:

She started her blog in june 2006 posting funny and sexy illustrations like these ones:

But she´s mostly known for her fashion treasures, found on the streets during fashion weeks.

What I like about her site is that she´s not only posting complete outfits but also the faces. She´s getting somewhat more intimate with these people she encounters and sometimes writes a short story of the meeting.

I hope to meet up with her and have a lil photoshoot with my Yashica. :)

But I´m sure I´m not the only one in The Netherlands who knows about this. I think it´s gonna be a lot of pushing and shoving, biting, punching and kicking (á la Japanese style) for a picture of Garance Doré.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Phoenix - Live at Trouw, Amsterdam Pt. 2

Thanks for giving me names of music artists. Now I can finally put some new music on my iPod!!
Sorry for the lack of posts. But due to..........´circumstances´.........I didn´t had the time to update as often as I wanted to. But here are more pics of the Phoenix concert at Trouw!

- Throwing the mic up in the aiiiir! -

- The names of the employees of Trouw (of course including my sister´s...!) -

- Phoenix, rocking the crowd! -

- Singer Thomas Mars -
Different version

Next post: Fashion news (She is coming to Amsterdam! Waaaaaaah!!!)

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Phoenix - Live at Trouw, Amsterdam

Thursday, 4th of june.

This band called Phoenix (from France!) played at Trouw, which is located at the end of my street. ;)
I thought we would be late for the concert but my sister works there, so no waiting in line for us as we could go straight to the entrance! It probably saved us at least 30 minutes of waiting outside as the concert was completely sold out!

- Phoenix - If I Ever Feel Better (2000) -

I´ve been listening to their music non-stop...but I need new music!
Who is your favorite artist / band at the moment? Please give me some names or myspace url´s, youtube url´s, etc.! Thanks!

I will post more pictures of this concert, later this week!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Yashica B, Part 1

The following pics were taken with my new camera: Yashica B (dated from 1957). :)

About a week ago, I hooked up with S from Produit Frais (and her cassmate C!) in Oosterpark and together we shot some photos of her products for her schoolproject.

I can´t believe they came out quite well because the sun was shining very bright that day, so it´s very easy to make overexposed pictures. But I used my digital camera as a lightmeter and used the settings on the TLR cam.

An accident picture. I think they call it the ´Double Exposure´ technique.

My first ever Yashica picture. It was a test shot of my bedroom door (which takes you to my balcony!).

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


ijhalluuuuuuuuuhhhhh!!!! Every month. Thrift shopping. In Amsterdam-North.

Lemme hear ya say: ´OE-OE...OEH-OEH´ (english translation: ´OOOH-OOOH...OOOH-OOH´)

Wijs is hij die weten wil waar Abram de mosterd haalt.

(Next post...the first Yashica pics. Keep banging!)