Monday, June 8, 2009

Yashica B, Part 1

The following pics were taken with my new camera: Yashica B (dated from 1957). :)

About a week ago, I hooked up with S from Produit Frais (and her cassmate C!) in Oosterpark and together we shot some photos of her products for her schoolproject.

I can´t believe they came out quite well because the sun was shining very bright that day, so it´s very easy to make overexposed pictures. But I used my digital camera as a lightmeter and used the settings on the TLR cam.

An accident picture. I think they call it the ´Double Exposure´ technique.

My first ever Yashica picture. It was a test shot of my bedroom door (which takes you to my balcony!).


Qaisy Jaslenda said...

here you go man!

cool pictures you have there ;)

p.s Somehow i like your first picture better. ;)

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Your yahsica makes absolutely stunning pictures Daniel! Good investment!!

And how cool that you and Silvia hooked up!

diane said...

Wow, the first picture has a great retro feel to it, but I love the double exposed one as well.
You have a balcony off of your bedroom?

Elizabeth Marie said...

Did you call my Nana hot? :)

I need a new camera! Help!

I love the last one, by the way lovey.

Rita said...

OH MY GOD!!! These pictures are amaaazzinnggg!!! Soooo much better than digital. That's it. I'm switching now. There's no stopping me!!!

What kind of film did you use?

I honestly love these pictures, all of them, all of them!!!

Laura said...

Mooie foto's!

Hah, maak je om mij maar geen zorgen. De drummer is een vriend van Danny dus we stonden ook op de lijst. Ik sluit niet in rijen aan, it's not my style.

Ben benieuwd naar jouw fotos!

Anonymous said...

CRAZY nice pictures, gosh!

Suusje Q. said...

Wauwie, love die Double Exposure foto!

Enne.. balkon aan je slaapkamer? Doe maar luxe!


Sara said...

As always, I loved them, particularly, the first 1st and 3rd ones. Very cool and, because of the patterns, they have a vintage vibe to it.

Dominica said...

you should use the first pic as a header for some time ...beautiful pic and the double shot is awesome !!

PS ik kan niks zeggen over die Abram omdat dat een surprise is ...dus niks meer schrijven op mijn blog/comment want hubby leest die ook en ik moest me al flink behelpen met een uitvlucht vanochtend dat ik totaal niet wist waarover het ging ...dus, KRIK KRAK, mondje dicht en sleutel in de zak !!

karl's sweet child said...

OMG these are super gorgeous! yashica use film 120 right? i think i should get myself a tlr camera ;p

Evelyn said...

It seems you are going very well with Yashica!! The photos are like those top magazines, I like ALL of them!!! Which film you are using?
I want to buy a yashica !!!!!!!!

Hope to see more photos!

Yamila said...

i wanted to see this. It's so amazing. really: bright day, beautiful!
I like the last photo, much.

You are very talented. Well ... you know it. ha.

Dooder City said...

These are great. I totally have been to those kids' blogs!

Joey said...

Vette pics mann! Mailtje gelezen? Neem die Zweden anders ook gewoon mee :) (hoorde zoiets van Merijn)

produit frais said...

C'est super Daniel!

Jack Daniel said...

thanks for the comments y´all!!! I´ll TRY to blog more this week...

@ The Man Who Knew Too Much: It´s probably my best investment of this year. Yeah Sil is lovely. :)

@ diane & suusje Q: The balcony is nothing special. My view is quite boring and I hear Moroccan music all the time...but when it´s very sunny, I love to sit and hang on the balcony

@ Rita: hahaha...I´ll definitely keep my digital cam, but now I´m kinda hooked on film. I love putting a new filmroll in the camera as well! And the whole cam just smells really good!

@ Evelyn & Rita: I used a Kodak 160nc-2 film (120 medium format)!

@ Laura: deze week post ik ze op mijn blogje! :)

@ Dominica: ok, in dat geval, verwijder mijn comment over Abram van je blog! haha.

@ karl's sweet child: Yes, 120 film! I love the ´6x6´ format!

@ Joey: ik heb aanstaande zaterdag drie feestjes!! Maar ik kom zeker ook wel naar die van jou. :)

black vanilla rose said...

What beautiful crisp photos!! I can't wait to see what else you snap =)

Renée Sturme said...

super foto's.

thischicksgotstyle said...

Thanks voor je comment!
En echt prachtige foto's zeg!!
Leuke blog heb je!


Miss Jeanett said...

Love the pictures! Especially the first one.


Connie said...

You take such beautiful pictures! The picture of your bedroom door is just lovely.

That London girl said...

i love these photos
love the double exposure :]

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

those pictures are amazing!

Anonymous said...

the middle picture is amazing. While I looked at it, it first appeared so normal, but somehow the "double" thing give you some sort of this incredible illusion... And the retro quality, it's so beautiful and nostalgic, with all those bright colors that at the same time feel little worn-out, the flowers on the ground and the patterns of those clothes!
I love it.