Sunday, August 2, 2009

Björn Borg - Spread the Spirit


I met Miriam from Björn Borg, Stockholm. :)

She came to Amsterdam for business (just hanging out with her colleagues and get payed for it...) and invited me to the fashionshow of BB's SS 2010 collection which was held in the Westerunie.
To be honest, I just wanted to go to the afterparty and have a dance with Miriam and all the other models, wannabe's and other bloggers whom I recommended Miriam to invite to this party. Unfortunately I didn't see one of 'em. Too bad because, despite the fashionshow was 'so and so' (in Holland we say: 'Mwah'), the party was quite fun. Free booze.

Here's the low quality amateur-ish promotional video of the party with Dutch model Doutzen Kroes. (I don't think it's an official promo-video though...hehehe. It's in Dutch by the way!)

Some shots of the night!

Waiting 'till the fashionshow starts

This was not the runway! Dancers standing one floor up, entertaining the people during the short breaks.


I didn't take any pics of the models during the fashionshow because I was standing too far away from the stage. At the end, I sneaked a little closer, accidentally stepped on someone's shoe, apologized and took this pic.

I did take a pic of Doutzen Kroes when she was walking the runway at the end. But it only shows her bum (I was too late...). If I would get at least a 100 comments of people (probably guys) who wanna see the pic, I'll then post it up.

And then it was time to parrrty. Free booze.

My dates for the night: living doll T. (please, click on the T!!) and lovely L.


renéesturme/blog said...

ja, ik was er de hele avond bij! stond wel compleet aan de andere kant, precies achter één van die twins (met paarse shirtje). ik zag jou inderdaad ineens op een foto, toen ik ze de dag erna nog eens bekeek.

leflassh. said...

ooh that looks like major fun.
lucky boy you are!
to answer your question - no the photos weren't taken with a disposable just a normal digital camera, that needs to be fixed =[

Suusje Q. said...

Jij bent gewoon naar een fashionshow geweest? En hebt Doutzen gezien?

R.E.S.P.E.C.T. ;)

Ik ben jaloers haha:(

drollgirl said...

miriam!!! lucky you as you got to meet her and hang out with her! her stuff is so great, and her parties + products look FANTASTIC!!!! i bet you had a blast!

Yamila said...

Hi boy! So nice party.
mmm: "accidentally stepped on someone's shoe, apologized and made this pic". Keep doing it! all right?? haha. Because is a wonderful picture!.

And Yes, Luciana Val & Franco Musso are great! Their work is fantastic, you should check this one: Is very nice.

Daniel: i loved "doll T"' all the ilustrations are amazing!
(i really have many things for to tell, but my english is not good... so :(

anyway... have a good day.

diane said...

Oh J.D. you lucky man you. Isn't miriam so cute? I can't believe you got to meet her, go to the fashion show, and go to the party. It's like a dream.
I love the way you wrote about it, in your complete honesty of wanting to drink for free and dance with the models. You never disappoint. xo

Rita said...

Hahaha, when I started reading about the low quality of the promotional video, I was like "Hmm maybe I'll skip it", then you said it was in Dutch and I was like "Oh, wait, I GOTTA SEE THIS!" Dutch sounds sooooo awesome!!! I played it like three times just to listen to it again and again<3

The party looks like it was fun, and I liked T.'s Flickr page, I perceive a Frida Kahlo influence in the first few illustrations.

Darrah said...

Wow, lucky duck!! What a fun night! I love the high I get from fashion shows. To go to one in Amsterdam would be amazing.

Anonymous said...

thanks! do you have a portfolio yourself? i really like the last and the penultimate pictures in this post, great colors! i only have the lens that comes with the camera, do you use any extra lens? you think it's good?

Raji said...

Woww luckyy you!!
Looks like sooo much fun
Really love the last two photos, look awesomeee :)

Anonymous said...

How lucky u are! It looks amazing!


miriam said...

oh, great pictures D! you even got a piece of my double chin : )

thanks for bike hopping - had such a great time!


tato said...

me encanta tu blog!
buenisimas las fotos!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Too bad I had to miss out on this one!!