Monday, July 27, 2009

Au revoir, Garance Doré

Oui oui,

Miss Doré just left Amsterdam. Yes, you've guessed it right. The lady from the back was indeed Miss Doré.
Here are some pictures of the day Garance was being interviewed at FOAM Museum.

My buddy D.

Anneke Beerkens, Cultural Antropologist


Doré's outfit

She also posed for me after I asked if I could take a picture of her with my antique camera. I hope to develop the film as soon as possible!

Download here the voucher which gives you 50% discount for the Garance Doré's Fashion Blog exposition at FOAM Museum in Amsterdam.



Anonymous said...

Its was amazing, wasn´t it? Im so jealousy!!


diane said...

OMG JD, that is sooo cool! I love it that you were able to get up close and personal with Ms. Dore. Can't wait to see your "antique" photos.

Thanks so much for all of the sweet things you always say to me, you little sweetie pie. xo

Raji said...

Ohh my goshh I'm so jealous!!
Luckkyy you
Gorgeous photos, she looks as beautiful as ever!

Lol, well then you have to watch Twilight.
In all fairness, it's not that good. But falling in love with Edward Cullen is always a nice way to waste an hour of life :)

evelyn said...

wow cool :D

and yes it is from yellowbird ^^

miriam said...

wow, you got a tête-a-tête with the missus. lucky boy!

Rita said...

Awesomeness! Can't wait to see the Yashica pictures! I think thanks to you I know that whenever I visit Amsterdam I must definitely check out that FOAM Museum, it seems like it always has the best events!

Also, if you ever find a way to explain what you started to say on my blog, please share the wisdom! :D

Good week, Daniel!

[LA] said...


Ah! Manhattan is fantastic, but i prefer the sunny L.A. =)


drollgirl said...

i am so glad that you introduced me to this fab woman! :)

Yamila said...

I really liked those pictures!! The first is so nice!

You know? the last one: I wanna this shoes!

Have a good week.

Leonhard Breglio said...

thanks! the photos of victoria are up now! check them out, i think you'll like them.

Leonhard Breglio said...

yeah let's hope so! the concept doesn't only include girls though, it's just that that's what i've been taking pictures of now :). you never know what the future brings.

Heini said...

To your comment. Yes, the pictures are by Meisel.

nycrun said...

nice shoes

thischicksgotstyle said...

Wat leuk!!
Ik was er denk ik rond half 5 maar heb je niet gespot!

Kiki said...

niceeeeeee! ik zag haar dus opeens voorbij lopen! ze zei: i talked to your friend! jij dus! nog bedankt he? uiteindelijk had ik geen tijd meer om koffie met haar te drinken, maar wilde ik eerlijk gezegd ook haar kostbare tijd niet in beslag nemen... 1 ding is zeker: she's got style by nature!

L. said...

everybody loves garance dorée (!!!)

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Lucky you, had d'r wel graag willen ontmoeten. Maybe next time :)

Ruhvana and Flanelli said...

You are so happy to meet her. She is amazing. And again waiting for your antic pics.


drollgirl said...

hey baby. thank you for the sweet birthday wishes. you are so nice to me! wah. loved your comment. :)

Darrah said...

There's a fashion blog exposision in Amsterdam? What does that entail?

Kat said...

i love her blog, very inspiring.
and her outfit... wow!

JFK Jean said...

Man, she looks good! Great one JD!

Coline Oups said...

You're so lucky !
Have you heard something about her exposition in Gap's Pop-Up Store in London ?