Friday, January 2, 2009

Nieuwe ronde, Nieuwe kansen

Yeah, 'New round, New chances! It's 2009. Let's do it all over again.

Oh my LORD. What a night. I celebrated New Years Eve with friends starting with a nice dinner and booze. I'm glad we didn't had any fireworks because most of us were quite drunk at twelve. We would've blown our hands off, for sure.

- One of my mates bought some very nice thin cigars...I'm not a smoker. But yesterday, I smoked (a half!!) one. (This is not a 'blunt'!) -

- My friend, Eva, lives on the third floor so we had a good view! Yeah, sorry it's not a sharp picture but I had to be very fast for this one. If you look closely, you can see the trail of fire. :) -

- This was somewhere else. Me and a friend were going to this other party where his girlfriend was. But a lot of people were about to leave to a bar somewhere around the corner. So...they left us with a lot of drinks...hahaha...oh boy. -

- The place had a great view of the 'Maagdenbrug'. -

- My mate's girlfriend...drunk as hell! We didn't expect that, so we stayed there to take care of her. Poor thing. I fell asleep until 9-ish in the morning and around that time, we all decided it was time to go back home. -

- It looks like they had a party on this bridge! I hope no one fell off from this bridge into the water. But later that day, I heard on the news that they found a body of a man in one of the canals... -

- Fireworks... -

- Bikes -

If you reach the year 2010, I hope you're going to look back to 2009 with no regrets. Live your life to the max because it will be all over before you know it.


Rita said...

Happy new year! It looks like you had fun! I just stayed with family the whole night, so it wasn't anything crazy, but it was good, hehe.

I've seen those small cigars, I've always wanted to try one, but never really come around to it... I'm a closet smoker, it's such a shame, but I only do it occasionally and never around other people, it's weird. I can only smoke when I'm alone.

I'm sorry about the man they found in the canals, though.

But indeed, let's hope for a fun 2009 with no regrets whatsoever! :D

And, one last thing, I'm assuming the title of the post is in Dutch, my goodness, how do you even pronounce that?? I wouldn't even attempt so I don't hurt anyone's ears :P

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Haha, leuke foto's man! Ziet er gezellig uit. Ik heb ook nog een paar fotos van rommel, heb ze maar op facebook gezet.

Hee, het allerbeste en maak van 2009 een topjaar!

Sarah said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Great first post of 2009 :)

Aava said...

Hey u!happy new year kinda late.. i just wanted to pop by and remind u that there is 2 writers on my blog. me and the guy u thought was my boyfriend:)
I LOVE these pictures by the way!

Evelyn said...

I have the same thought today--> "If you reach the year 2010, I hope you're going to look back to 2009 with no regrets. Live your life to the max because it will be all over before you know it. "
NO REGRET IN 2009!!!!!

In HK, our new year ( chinese new year ) will be on 26 Jan. And, we have a series of days celebrating this important festival from 24 Jan to 28 Jan actually. Dates vary each year depends on the chinese calender.I will show you guys some interesting photos about this festive days. I am waiting for another long long holidays end of this month!!!!

STEFANIE said...

Seems like you had loads of fun ^-^
great pictures too, as always!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Thanks, funny you mention that, my not being from Europe. Most of my visitors come from there than anywhere else. I think I would fit in better if I lived in Europe! ♥

And yes, that is miss Coco Rocha in my header, thank you. :)