Monday, January 5, 2009

Lekker dansen tot je erbij neervalt

- dance 'till you drop -

So me and Dennis aka The Man Who Knew Too Much (way, way waaaay too much) went out shooting.
Yes, we went out. Shooting.

So, as you all know (I'm talking to the readers who've already seen and read Dennis' blog about this night) at the beginning of the night, there was a concert by Einstein Barbie. I didn't expect them to be this good. I really, really liked their music. Actually, their live performance was more uplifting and funky than the music you can listen to on their website.

For more pics. Just check out Dennis' blog. can just stay on my blog and check out the pictures all over and over and over again. :)

Have a nice day!

And remember, no regrets this year, okay? It's only the 5th day of this new year...take risks! My year already started bad. But...when looking at these pics, you can tell I've also already exprienced some very, very good moments.

- Blowing bells. -

- When I was taking this picture, people were shouting and getting crazy about this solo-part of this lil lady. She was amazing. -

- She was cuuute. -

- Rocking boy -

- And all of a sudden...out of nowhere, there were these dancers on stage...dancing like there was no tomorrow. -

- Girl, boy, girl. -

- Martin Duvall aka Martin C. de Waal -

- A boy. Yes...a boy! Getting down on a girl...on stage. How lovely! -

- It looks like three different pictures, photoshopped in one. But that's not the case right here. It's one picture and the colours aren't added in photoshop either (Lights in the club!). Sometimes, blurry pics are niiice! This one is actually one of my personal fave's! It reminds me of a fashion shoot of photographer Steven Meisel's student. I can't remember his name-

Special thanks to The Man Who Knew Too Much for making my day.


Rita said...

Cooool pictures! Both the color and the black&white ones are great. But I wonder, what did the cuuuute girl say when you took her picture? I have caught random people taking pictures of me, but I never say anything because I think it's funny.

I also really like the picture of the guy going down on the girl, haha. You were able to showcase the raw sexuality in a very tasteful way.

And then, there is the last picture. I love the crazy colors, and the lights, the blurry quality, everything!

Really good job!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Wow Daniel, the black and white ones are extra ordinary! They really got something to it especially the ones of the dancers (as if it was a photoshoot).

Oeh, and that cute girl, that was sneaky dude :P

Goed gedaan man!

LoveMore said...

coool pics!!! looks like a fun night.
and BOO for your bad tax news..tear.
thanks for your comment!
LM x

Dominica said...

You are a bit sneaky, no ?
As much as I'm decadent LOL

Great shots, no really the B/W ones are fab !
You are getting really good at this...Dennis -> watch out for some serious competition !!

Fave pic of all = the blurry one !
Just perfect !

Mad Hatter said...

thought I'd check your site out. Kool

Evelyn said...


The greatest characters of these pictures are able to capture the truly face expressions, from the enjoying singers, cute audience, rocking boy to the crazy crowds. I like such kind of portraits very much, rather than those standing-still posed models.

I keen to taking photos of my friends or strangers randomly when they are doing something else..haha.....this kind of " natural " pic is what I like!!

The beginning of your days in 2009 already nice as you did this stunning work!!

Agree with taking risk, I am wondering what risk I can take in this year!! thanks for reminding!

Daphne said...

i love this photos!!

so blue

Helga said...

i like photos with leggs very much!
i see that you with Man.. `ve had a lot of great impressions that night :D

Jack Daniel said...

Thanks for all your kind words. :)

@ Mad Hatter: would like to see your blog! Do you have one?
@ Rita: she said nothing. But she kept smiling though. :P
@ Dominica: I'm not sneaky at all. :P

Behind the Seams said...

i like swinging by your blog.. its always filled with such awesome photography!

karl's sweet child said...

great pictures! (those are the only words that comes out from my mind (or mouth?) when i see your pictures!) and i mean it..

Emily Wong said...

Very nice photos! I also liked how you put the black and white ones mixed in with the colored ones. Major contrast! I'm going to link your blog if you don't mind.

Emily Wong said...

Yes! I am going to central saint martins. What school do you go to?

curiositist said...

Nice the first photo!she looks so easygoing
"girl ,boy, girl" -funny comment,really

Paul Pincus said...

great images!

Sara said...

Really good photos.

My favorite ones are the ones qith the legs and the last one with the blurred colours.

Noemi Sunshine Ferst said...

These photos are fantastic.
Been looking through your blog and i must say, you have an amazing eye.

STEFANIE said...

Great photos again! My camera doesn't take good pictures in the dark and yours really does! Can I ask which camera you use? The last pic turned out really cool =)

Rita said...

Visit my blog, you've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

Gracias me alegra q te guste

Marina said...

thanks a lot for your comment!
your pics are great too!

emilie m said...

ah, awesome pics! I like the last one the most. :)

Girl next blog said...

You should go to Paris if you can! It's wonderful, I'm sure you'd love it. Actually, who doesn't?

And the first pic is really really beautiful.


Matt Rowley said...

nice blog

geri said...

dude, your photography kicks ass!

Aliliisa said...

oh wow your pics are amazing! i loved these!