Saturday, December 6, 2008

The House Of Viktor & Rolf

Illegal shit right here, baby!

I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post this picture because it's an official press picture made by 'Blommers en Schumm'. I don't want to post other peoples work on my blog but I received this picture in my mailbox at work from the Centraal Museum in Utrecht where you can check out the exhibition of 'The House Of Viktor & Rolf'. And I just thought this was a cool picture!

- Viktor & Rolf and their porcelain dolls -

I will post my own work later this weekend. Hold tight!! It's coming!


Dominica said...

I just love V&R...if ever I was to marry a prince - I would take the exact same dress Mabel Wisse-Smith had ....all these bows on her dress just said : f*ck the system !!

Kinder said...

Look forward to see your own work... Actually, I like every pic in your blog!

Jack Daniel said...

Thanks for your kind words! Kinder.

Don't you have your own blog?

All the best,


Jennifer Jacobs said...

oehh ben benieuwt naar je eigen fotos!

Bombchell said...

love it.

reminds me a bit of the Addams Family.

Fashionista* said...

amazing picture
just love v&r