Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cousin in Amsterdam

My cousin from Doetinchem (a place, waaay back in the east of The Netherlands) came to visit me in Amsterdam. And of course I had to show him around town! are a few pics I made tonight!

- Near the famous 'Spui square' -

- Taken near the huge warehouse called 'De Bijenkorf' -

- Close up shot! -

- Taken in de cozy Utrechtsestraat -

- Damstraat -

-Dam -

Well, me and my sister are going to visit our parents tomorrow...'cause it's Christmas!
Happy Holidays to all of you...!


Rita said...

The first and the second-to-last picture are my favorites! They are awesome!

Merry Christmas! Have a good time with your family :D

Anonymous said...

ha, when i read your comment i kinda had to laugh :)
its true, we do swear a lot.
oh my, im dutch, and i miss amsterdam so much! its a very beautiful city and im saving for a trip to finally go back! the pictures are great!


haha, why was it shocking? your swedish seems to be good! amsterdam är en vacker stad, jag skulle vilja åka dit! =)

sofie said...

haha thanks, that was clearly my intention ^^
merry christmas!

Anonymous said...

i understand everything you said, but i lost my dutch haha. i should try and learn it again:)
i started doing an exchange to uppsala, but now im moving!
its great, but i miss holland haha:)

Evelyn said...

The first and last 3 are great!!
How beautiful is the christmas decorations in Amsterdam!!
Have a great holidays with your family!!

Dominica said...

Love the Bijenkorf ! LOL
No, seriously, I really do !!
Coming to A'dam in 2 weeks time, will visit the Kleine Fabriek (childrens fair) at the RAI !

Happy Holidays !!

Anonymous said...

which camera do you use?

Jack Daniel said...

Hey anonymous @ 2:18pm, e-mail me directly. Would like to see your blog or know who you are! :)


Sarah said...

It's so nice to discover Amsterdam on your blog, and the pics you take are great. I loved the close up one! and it's all very christmasy! Merry Christmas!!

Hanna said...

OMG those pics are awesome!

I'm going to make a video of me maybe tomorrow? but well i'll only speak finish in it but at least you can see me "alive" and laugh your ass off by listening me talking finnish:---)

BTW where are you from?

♥ fashion chalet said...

Hi Daniel. Do you have a dog now? I hope you can someday, if not now. :) Thanks for the comments in my blog. How nice of you to get your sister that lovely book for Christmas. I certainly do adore my copy of it. :)

Merry Christmas. x

geri said...

such amazing shots!

Girl next blog said...

I don't know who was the stylist, but I think it was Terry Richardson too.

Your pictures are nice too!


♥ fashion chalet said...

A pup is best for when one has the time to care and give him attention. Hopefully when your parents see it fit, you will get the perfect one. :)

Happy Holidays.

Ausrine said...

I adore the photo with the lights and the guy riding the bike, how cute! It seems like that street is so cozy. love it.


ps I like your answers for the little game on my page :D

Renée Sturme said...

en die leeuw heb ik gisteren ook nog gefotografeerd! weliswaar vanuit de auto, maar evengoed ;)

karl's sweet child said...

i was in amsterdam last year... im crying till i hit the bottom rite now... i miss the city..
i spent last year's new year there and had seriously fun but crazy nite..

curiositist said...

this beautiful "killing" lights again!I tried to make photo with lights too, but without successful results!

Diane said...

aww what wonderful pictures. i love amsterdam. but every time i go, i end up having problems getting back to where i left o_O