Friday, March 12, 2010

Jacques Mag

Okay. I keep apologizing everytime I post something new on the blog. But...I can't help it: sorrry!! Again. For the lack of updating this website. I have been (again) extremely busy! After graduating college, I am busier than ever with planning my future, working 3,4 jobs (now it's only 2) and say hello to friends and family every now and then. I have even thought about closing this blog because I thought I would never have the time again to post something new. Ridiculous huh?

Today I've found something worth to mention: Jacques Mag

And I just think it's such a coincidence, because not only does this magazine carries my family name, the editor in chief is called Danielle. And also, the whole magazine represents my interests: photography, and...these wonderful creatures.

The Sports issue trailer: Squash.

I wish it was my mag because it looks sooo good! I'm going to ask my favorite magazine store Athenaeum (Amsterdam) if they sell it. Probably not...
Perhaps I should apply for a job as an editor or photographer for the magazine...

Click here to read the interview with the Editor in Chief of Jacques Mag: Danielle Luft.


diane said...

First of all, stop apologizing, it's good that you're getting your life on track. dawwwwwwg, this magazine reminds me of Maxim except that it's got sexy videos. Man, Cute Hubby's gonna love these, thanks for the tip.
Oh yeah, and getting a job with them is probably every man's dream, haha.

EMILY said...

That is a really nice cover though :) the photo... the lighting and just how everything is positioned is fantastic!


Missy said...

fab pics x

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Dominica said...

Well well, Daniel .... I smiled when you mentioned photography as 1 of things that takes your interest in this mag !
I personally LOVE the stars on her ...

Stace said...

The pictures are actually beautiful. Like this.

T&F x

Rita said...

I felt the same way before, with the whole apologizing, and then I stopped :P And then I also thought of shutting down my blog, but then I realized that, even if I only do it sporadically now, I love blogging toooo much (don't shut yours down, I will be tremendously sad if you do).

Crystal Ball said...

NO! Don't you dare even think about deleting this blog ever again!!
But I can relate. I've been so incredibly busy myself and I feel I have neglected my blog for much too long.
However, how neat is this coincidence? It's certainly not something you see everyday. I mean, I surely don't have any magazines with my name and interests all in one.
Good luck finding it in that favorite store of yours.

And have a wonderful weekend. I'm assuming your weekend has already started since you are on the other side of the world :)