Friday, March 6, 2009

Mama didn't raise no fool

Yeah you read that right! My momma didn't raise no fooooool!

What a coincidence: today, I was flickering for some Richard Avedon pictures in FOAM and found out that the FOAM museum is promoting the Richard Avedon exposition with their posters, which are shown on a few spots in the city.

So, I called FOAM:

Me: Goedemiddag, ik heb een vraagje over de Richard Avedon posters die ik op bepaalde plekken in de stad heb gezien...
- Good afternoon, I have a question regarding the R.A. posters which I've seen in the city on several locations...-
FOAM-lady: Ja...........
- Yes.................. -
Me: Kan ik ze afhalen bij FOAM?
- Can I pick 'm up at FOAM? -
FOAM-lady: Nee. Ze zijn te koop...voor €35,-.
-No, they're for sale...for 43.9786 US DOLLARS / 408.937 SWEDISH KRONORS / 260.731 DANISH KRONORS / 313.127 NORWEGIAN KRONORS / 68.5277 AUSTRALIAN DOLLARS / 56.5494 CANADIAN DOLLARS / 31.0571 GB POUNDS / 341.146 HONG KONG DOLLARS / and the self portrait of Richard Avedon himself are all sold out. And today....the Marilyn Monroe's are all sold out too.

That's friggin' expensive, don't you think?? For a poster...! I couldn't believe my ears.

- Me shouting - title of this post -!!!!!!!!!!!!! - I'm not going to pay €35,- for a (probably very small) poster!!
I bet they're not as big as the ones which are shown all over the city. Because those ones are almost twice as big as your (bedroom)door. For real; I used to have a H&M poster from a busstop...and it was SUPERhuge.

-* I was in the city for HOURS; didn't see 1 poster. Guess what...Right before I wanted to go inside of my apartment, I saw this poster-standing in the corner of my eye and immediately I was thinking about the afternoon, earlier today, when I was flickering for Avedon posters. I was hoping to see an Avedon poster if I would turn around and look straight at the poster standing. My prayers have been heard: Monroe was waiting for me across the street from where I live!! I can see her if I stand in front of the window. (Later on, I went back outside and made some pictures of her. This poster-standing is standing across a café and a lot of people were looking silly at me (they couldn't see the poster, as they're looking at the back of the poster-standing) because I was really excited and acting like a photographer who is ***shooting pretty girls outside of a fashionshow) -

They're for the city. All you have to do is:

1. Wait for the posterman, who is going to exchange these beautiful FOAM-posters with some other poster.
2. Throw a brick against those bus stop poster-frame thing / other poster-standings which all over the city...and just take 'm all out!

I want to do # 2. But I'm going for #1, because I can see Miss Monroe right now...and I'm going to get up extra early, wait in front of my window for the posterman...And when I see him, I'm going to run outside and ask him if I can have every Avedon-Foam-poster. Yay.

**I want this one.
(Bob Dylan)
**And this one.
(SOLD OUT self portrait of Richard Avedon)

* Picture by Me
** Pictures by Jarr Geerlig
*** Picture by Joris Bruring


Rita said...

Yo, that is A LOT of money for a poster. So, you better catch that poster man. That reminds me of a time, at the train station where I usually go, there were all these posters for the US Open, and I wanted the Rafael Nadal one, but at my station they only had the one of Roger Federer... So, even though I did see the poster men one day, I didn't bother to run after them because there was no Nadal for me :(

I can imagine the people looking at you, hahaha.

Also, I was trying to read your conversation in Dutch, hahahaha, miserable attempt, I suck so bad, it's not even funny. I think it would hurt your ears if you heard me... but I just pretty much have no clue how Dutch is supposed to sound!

drollgirl said...

i love that marilyn poster -- it is just gorgeous!

diane said...

That is a very funny and charming story, and I think I love you now.
(don't worry, it will probably wear off by tomorrow) xo

kaitlyn said...

LOL! i kiiind of think you should just throw the brick!! haha. jk. wait for posterman. the brick thing would make a good blog post though. ;]

Connie Hsiu said...

wow, how crazy! gosh, i love this is so stunning!

Sara said...

35 euros is indeed a lot for a poster.

If I were you, I would do # 1. Just ask nicely and they will very likely give you the poster. A few years ago, a friend of mine wanted one by Ralph Lauren, she waited for the men to change it, went over and asked nicely ans then they just gave it to her.

Dominica said...

Are they nuts ? 35€ !!
If you search really well in one of those teenager-poster and cards-shop, you 'll probably find one for 12€ or less and maybe bigger !
Then again, you can search for some girls to pose in one of your black & white wanna bet they're much nicer and more special ?
tthe pics I mean) :-O

Sara said...

I just though you should know that my birthday is coming up and if you just so happen to come across another one of Richard Avedon's posters, I wouldn't mind having the burden of receiving it. Just in case...

miriam said...

haha, no fool at all! you'll have to let us know how your posterman meeting goes! have a great weekend, D!

daniqueconijn said...

Hehehe somehow it reminds me of something in a dark place in scandinavia ;)

STEFANIE said...

Wow that's a lot of money for a poster! I wouldn't pay that either.
I don't know about Amsterdam, but in my city the only thing you have to do is go to the city hall and ask for the posters from the bus stops. They keep them there now because they got sick of people throwing bricks against the bus stops just to get the posters ;)

Renée Sturme said...

Die van Bob Dylan is echt geniaal... Ik zou er optie 2 wel voor over hebben! Haha.

Joris Bruring said...

Funny story! It aren't always beautiful women I must say, you also see some pretty awkward stuff here :)

Joey said...

Already checked the exibition out? Today I went with Eva, Sarah and Gaby! It was so cool! Avedon is so good.. it looks like that the persons are so living today, but they don't. They lived in the year 40's until the 80's. So cool!