Thursday, March 12, 2009

Cowboys & Indians party (Part 2)

Hej heyj!

Party 2 of the party!

Click here for the first series.

- Look at the walls! Amazing! -

- Unknown dancing people! -

- 'Someone' & Aysan -

- Kitchen-picture! -

- DJ Mark -

- DJ to the bathroom... -

- Gwenaelle & Nick -
'Toilet for ladies & gents. Please wank, piss, ejaculate, barf, put someone else's head IN THE POT. Don't forget to flush!! Aim straight or clean it yourself!' (My neighbour 'R', asked me to write something on the board. Haha.)

- Dougie!! -


Dominica said...

I love toilets where you can leave a message !! (and I don't mean a 'drol' or 'remspoor') LOL

Dooder City said...

wow, this looks like an awesome party. i wish i could write a message on the wall! it looks like nyc actually (maybe it's not). Thanks for toe compliment. You made my day.

drollgirl said...

it looks so fun. i think i am officially jealous.

Rita said...

I wonder who that 'Someone' is hahaha :D

I agree with Dooder City, it does look like New York.

And that message on the board, hahahaha.

Cool pictures.

diane said...

Looks like a really fun place. I love the way the walls have been tagged. That kind of thing used to happen to my furniture at parties, white sofa, light wood table. The table actually has so much writing on it at this point, it's a real piece of art, haha.

Evelyn said...

very great home party, I've joined one in NYC!! good that you have nice neighbours.

miriam said...

great pictures, D! reminds me that I have to select a few from my party last weekend... and to answer your questions. because it's recession times my company has cut down on the traveling expenses, so only one person from each department will be able to go. the students who visited us earlier in the week are doing a master in customer empowerment, so wanted to check us out. and they've got me hooked on STROOPWAFELS :)

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Looks like it was a good party to get wasted :D

Hey, do I know that someone!!?!?

miriam said...

p.s I finally got your pressie sorted - look out for it, will you? have a top weekend.

E said...

Nice pictures!! & it looks like a fun party :D


Renée Sturme said...

trouwens, leuk dat deze post iets minder 'anoniem' is!

Jack Daniel said...

@ Evelyn: I have the best neighbours!
@ The Man: Uhmmm...maybe? Haha.
@ Renée: minder anoniem...???? :P said...

HI D, I didn't even know he had an assistant, could it be Steven Klein? He is actually really good, and has almost the same style!