Monday, March 9, 2009

Cowboys & Indians Party - Part 1

Ahhh yeah...,

After almost a half year of no partying in our building, my lovely neighbours from the third floor, 'R.' & 'S.' organised a birthday party (my neighbour 'R.' his b-day was in februari). Everyone got dressed up according to the party's theme: Cowboys & Indians! At first I was like...'oh noooo! I don't like theme-parties!'. But I actually had a really great time with my housemate, neighbours and new (facebook)friends. :P

- The invitation and my outfit at the party: checkered shirt, black bandana, GUN, dark blue navy jeans, white tank shirt. -

I helped out my neighbour with the set up of the party in the afternoon; moving furniture, clean up the mess, etc. He wanted to place the doll (which he found on the street) on the first floor to welcome the guests.

- Miss Little Black Eyed Nellie -

Before you continue, checking out the pics of the party, the first thing I would like you to do is to click on the flashy mp3 player and catch the vibe of the party, which I have recorded.

- Recorded music , vibe, conversations of the party -

- Miss Little Black Eyed Nellie Is Not Satisfied-

- My neighbour 'R' and australian dude 'T'! -

- Just hanging out in the kitchen. There's always a kitchen-party at 'house-parties'! -

-My other lovely neighbour 'S'! Such a sweet chick! (And crazy, I love that!). -

- Crazy peeps! -

- 'G' & 'N' (Australia) (Doesn't he look like this dude from A Clockwork Orange? Creepy shit!)-

Part 2, later this week!


diane said...

Wow, what a funny coincidence and treat that you posted pics and music the same day as Dennis. The party looks like a lot of fun.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

DIE DUDE EN AUSSIE DUDE, komen me bekend voor....... Hmmmmmm......

Anyways, ziet er gezellig uit :) Grappig ook dat je die sound hebt opgenomen geeft idd goed de sfeer weer!

Rita said...

Whohoo, party time! I heard someone say "What a coincidence!" and someone say "Yeah baby! I'm gonna get something to drink" Besides that, it was all like this to me: kldfjioeruklzlkj dflidi hahaha foiduelskf hahaha dlfjli. Yes, that's what I heard.

I LOVE the pictures, such a cool vibe. European parties seem interesting, hehe.

And why didn't you spoil us with a picture of you in your cowboy outfit? Hahaha.

miriam said...

sweet, what a great party spirit! me, i love theme parties if it doesn't requires too much from you.

Jack Daniel said...

@ Rita, MAYBE I'll post a pic of myself in Part 2. Hehehehehe.

Thanks for the comments folks. I had a great, great time. House-parties are the best parties!

R. M said...

oooh this looks sooo much fun! great theme aswell! I like indians style <3!!!

Kastina said...

Ahhh yes, I keep spending money too, its terrible...especially when you live with friends that have parents with money- its hard to keep up!!

I like your blog as well. Your images are compelling (hopefully that doesn't sound too nerdy).


Dooder City said...

Oh my gosh, what a great party. It looks like everyone had a great time. I would kill to be able to wear a head dress.

Anonymous said...

looks really nice. i love that audio clip. really cool idea to catch the atmosphere of a party like that, cause it really worked. love the pic with your neighbour R, pictures when people smile like that always turn out great. and yeah when ppl look at you like they think they know exactly what youre up to, it's so annoying. gaaah.

Dominica said...

I just love those parties !! Dress up or theme is always fun !
Last time I had one was years ago ; it was a pink parteeeeeee....
Love to enjoy one over again !

Kitty said...

Thanks :)
wow, how many people can you fit in that kitchen?!
nice pics :)

norawoah said...

This looks amazing!
Our last party was themed and it was a success also, and I don't like themed parties much either. Maybe its the season?

drollgirl said...

what a fanfuckingtastic idea for a party! I LOVE IT!!! love the pics, too. super super super!

Sara said...

Party Time!!
You're right, the last guy does look like Alex from A Clockword Orange. Creepy!
When can we see you with your macho cowboy outfif?

Jazmin Balinotti said...

t gustaria leer "la fantasia de Amy Lowrent" y conocer "los diseñadores de la historian en moda" ?, hacete seguidor de

E said...

hmm..seems like a pretty fabulous party!!

I love the last shot of the girls back. & the mannequin looks freakishly realistic. Hope you had fun, darling.


I wanna be your blog said...

Your parties sem so amazing!

curiositist said...

looks great!

Sunniva said...

Oh I love theme parties! I can't get enough of them haha :D Looks like a really fun party..the vibe, the people, the costumes, everything.

And the girl with the yellow heels is swedish Elin Kling. Here's her blog if you want to check it out:


diane said...

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