Saturday, March 7, 2009

Artmarket (Part 2)

Hello, hello...! Part 2!

Read all about my adventures at Artmarket right here!

- Sister glued on the clothing racks of course -

- Girl. Cloths. Spending money on cloths. -

- unknown person, sippin'! And artist in the back... -

- Beautiful artwork on a huge wall! -

- Musician Mike 'Aardvarck' Kivits -

- This one was taken at another 'opening' / 'gallery-art-party'...around the corner of Artmarket -


diane said...

These kinds of things are the best for seeing all kinds of unusual stuff and people. Looks like you had a good time. I had to look twice at the guy in the goatee, he looks a little like Johnny Depp (haha).

Yamila said...

Nice, Nice, Nice!!! i like all these pictures!! =) (as always!)


Casou said...

where is that Artmarket

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Aardvarck is relaxt! Heb een classic hiphop mix van hem op me iTunes, altijd chill.

Dominica said...

I have to agree with Diane ; she and you have given me the inspiration now on taking my camera to the Museum of Photography down here to take a look at Erwin Olaf's work today !

The pic of the unknown guy I love the best !
Have a great Sunday !

vintageveggie said...

haha can't wait to see it!

STEFANIE said...

haha the sexy girl in my header is Anja Rubik, she's a pretty famous model :)
Love your picture of Aardvarck, the black white looks good =)

R. M said...

nice blog nice photography! :)

Whistful Wind said...

Nice! I love those kind of pictures.