Saturday, May 9, 2009

´Wolfram Alpha´ is coming

a nerdy post this time...

Wolfram Alpha is going to be huuuge! (Or not.)

Who doesn´t use as their standard search engine? But very soon, Wolfram Alpha is going to take over the world with this new kind of search engine which is actually not just another search engine, but an answer engine (actually it´s a Computational Knowlegde Engine), which gives you the answer of your questions supported with graphs and cool is that?

For example:
What time is it in Italy?
What is the answer to GDP of France divided by the GDP of Italy?

Yesterday, the creator of this engine, Stephen wolfram, gave a demonstration at Harvard University.

I haven´t seen the whole video, but I´ve read somewhere that he also discussed my name:

Want to know how popular the name Daniel is in the United States over time and how many people are currently estimated to be alive with that name, plus their ages? Wolfram Alpha can do that, too[...]

But wouldn´t it be cool if there´s a search engine with an image upload section which gives answers to questions like:

- Who´s the dude behind this window across the street from where I lived? -


karl's sweet child said...

Oh okay, I'll ask wolfram alpha "who teach daniel to said trimakasih?" OMG.. :))

Rita said...

HAHAHAHAHA oh my Goddd hahaha, the picture thing made me laugh sooo much hahahahahahaha. I think this is the funniest thing you've ever posted here hahahahaha.

*Rita takes moment to calm herself down*

Okay... *deep breath to control laughter* Yeah, I read about this today (you're not the only nerd around :P) I cannot wait to see how this works!!!

diane said...

Or how about, "what's happening in the reflection of the window two over from "dude's" window?" (you can only see it when you click to enlarge)

I loved your "tree" comment. xo

drollgirl said...

I AM FREAKING OUT! the last question made me tremble. and it is hard to believe something will be better than google search, but i guess it is only a matter of time!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Or, When is Daniel going to come to Cali? haha :)

Dooder City said...

do you think that guy spied on you?
that search engine is interesting.

Sara said...

Here's another fun question for the something Alpha: Why is Daniel taking pitures of dudes who live across the street from him? Will the answer include a fun graphic?

Dominica said...

LOL GREAT post !!
This engine would sure be something for me ..maybe I should apply for a job and have a special section :
Ask Dominica what the pizza guy is thinking about hubby when he's offering him a free Martini whilst hubby has to wait for his order (of pizza's)...

daniqueconijn said...

Hehehe crazy man! I think it's secretly you (photoshop genius ;))

That London girl said...

wolfram alpha
is the wayyy forward
im looking forward 2 it

Rumi said...

Hi :)

His email address is


Jack Daniel said...

thanks Rumi. :)