Saturday, May 2, 2009

Queen´s day - 2009 (April, 30th)

Queen´s day! Beerday!

- Wibautstraat -

- Weteringplantsoen -

- Ceintuurbaan ( my old street...!) -

- Marie Heinekenplein -

- Marie Heinekenplein -

- Ferdinand Bolstraat (extremely large picture...!) -

Oh oh oh...earlier that day, there was an attack on our queen in another city (Apeldoorn):
This man drove through two police barriers and people who were just waving to our queen. They got hit the car from the back. And because of the crash, the car (total wreck) wasn´t able to make it to the bus of our queen anymore (and the whole royal family!) and drove against a statue.


diane said...

That was some amazing story and video. I had never heard of Queens day.

Suusje Q. said...

Dat meisje op je 5de foto ken ik! Toevallig gefotografeerd of een vriendin?

Jack Daniel said...

@ Suusje...welk meisje: die met die grote oranje hoed, oranje cowboy hoed of een van de twee Indonesia-dames? :P

(Toevallig gefotografeerd.)

Suusje Q. said...

linker indonesia ;)


Wow...Queen's day?!
We get those only at the gay night clubs in the city...Thanks for sharing This Jack & fab weekend darling!

Anonymous said...

haha, funny how you use the term "our queen" so much. glad she's alright though, queens are the best.

STEFANIE said...

Yaay Koninginnedag!
So sad what happened in Apeldoorn though :(

Rita said...

Ooh, I've totally been hearing about this crazy attack for the past few days. I feel a little embarrassed to admit I didn't know the Netherlands still had a reigning monarchy... But I guess with your country's reputation as being one of the most liberal estates out there, the idea just seemed too old-fashioned in my mind to be possible :p I need to study modern European history more closely now, hehe.

But Beatrix, that's a pretty cool name haha.

Great pictures as usual, Mr. Daniel :D

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Heftig man, had het gelezen en gezien op het nieuws hier. Wat een gek..

Was het nog beetje leuk?

Dominica said...

Hi JD,

terrible news no, I was shocked know I have my store in Antwerp and on this day loads of Dutch people come over to our city to have a day off and enjoy ....when it just happened, I friend of mine was in the shop, it's her B-day too (just like India, my daughter) and we talked about that with 2 lovely Dutch people and their dog. And then, she said that there had been an attack but she wasn't sure...These people in shock and horror, so I suggested to check it out on my laptop in the store.
So, it was the talk of that day and I was moved when I saw your queen giving her speech afterwards...she's so down to earth..I like your Royal Family, they are so close to you people.
I've seen Princess Mariléne once when I was in Amsterdam ; she was just waiting in front of a store to open....isn't that great ?

miriam said...

scary royal drama...

Elizabeth Marie said...

Wow why would they attack the queen? Do I sound completely ignorant with that one? Sorry babe! Still love me? :)

E said...

the last one of the city is just fantastic! Beautiful shot with a nice clear view. :)