Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Chilling in Westerpark

So...this was taken on a saturday afternoon in Westerpark. If I´m correct. (Or was this taken on a sunday...? I can´t remember, perhaps it has something to do with the combination of alcohol and the sun.)

- Westerpark -

(...or maybe it´s because I´ve been playing the X-Box for many hours in a row, the night before...or maybe it was the food I ate around wait, that was on a saturday night. Hm, or it could be the sunstroke for chilling in the sun too long! Or.........)


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Westerpark is chillend, vooral die cafeetjes daar. Missing that big time

Rita said...

Woww, hahaha, looks like someone's mind is a bit tired :p

Love the pic!

diane said...

It's the change in the weather, trust me. Everybody's posting weird stuff these days. That's my theory, anyway, and I'm sticking to it.
Lovely pic. xo

black vanilla rose said...

What a great shot. I think it captures what park chilling is all about... it's one of my favourite things to do on a saturday arvo (or sunday) ;]

josh said...

are you kidding me? amsterdam looks sweet. im dying to get back to the continent. hoping to work at an atelier in paris this summer. cross my fingers

Suusje Q. said...

I love parken

E said...

this is an absolute gorgeous photo! Excellent example of foreground middle ground and background. & the unexpected positive space on the right is just great. :)

You always say the best things about my post and I really love it :)


Suusje Q. said...

Jaaa, Luxurush voor mij! Ik ben niet zo van de bandjes enzo.. Ga liever naar een vette club, en soms pak ik dus helemaal groot uit ;) Het thema is ook nog eens Fashion Outrage, dus de fotocamera gaat mee ;)

Op koninginnendag zelf ga uitslapen haha en een beetje door de stad slenteren, nog tips? 's Avonds moet ik werken, dus bouw dan daar gewoon een feetje!

Et toi?

miriam said...

lovely picture, D! glad someone else out there is as messy as I am : )

Yamila said...

Nice picture!! and text!
You're so crazyyy! haha

Elizabeth Marie said...

Alcohol plus sun=yayyy!!! haha

Lovely images as usual...still waiting for you to come to Cali and photograph me! :)

Matias Bouhet said...

hey! great blog, nice photos :)


Anonymous said...

great great photo daniel! :)

Suusje Q. said...

Heey Daniel!

Thnx voor je reacties weer! Jij bent echt een trouwe lezer! :)

Die balkjes heb ik gemaakt omdat ik niet zeker weet of mijn vriendinnen en public op mijn blog willen staan... Maar het was iig heel gezellig! Ziet er komisch uit he?

Leuke blog van Jack en Jill!

Hoe was jouw koninginnedag?