Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fashion faux / Fashion Haux


This one was taken, with the Olympus Pen EE.
You know, I still want this book...but I should be careful with spending money because I almost reached maximum debt.

Do you have this book? If so, is it worth buying??
-Picture taken at Streetlab -

Don't take me wrong, I love the blog of The Sartorialist, but I've been in serious doubt of actually buying this book because you can also go to his site and check out the wonderful pictures which are also published in the book. But perhaps I should just buy it anyway for my tiny book collection.

And this one is taken with the Yashica B.
I'm posting this one (which was taken at work) just to give this (fashion-related) post an extra fashionable touch. (I know: I don't make any sense. Do I?)

By the way, Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist) just posted square format pictures on his blog for the very first time. I think he wants to add a classic element of the film photography-era into his new stuff.

In the future, every photographer wants to use at least an analogue camera for at least 15 minutes.


Victoria-H said...

Thanks ! Well, actually my camera sucks hehe. I have a Fuji Finepix S550 , and Im in desperate need of an update !
I like The Sartorialist too.. dont have the book though, so have no idea if its worth buying or not.. sorry

Jason said...

Adding you right now. Take care.


Rita said...

Believe it or not, I still haven't been able to hold a copy of this book because I couldn't find it anywhere in New York. Not that I tried too hard, but still... I faced the same dilemma. To buy or not to buy. And then I remembered I am a student trying to pay for college in quite possibly the most expensive country for higher education in the world. So I decided against it. I need to save every penny :p

Kat said...

it's defintely worth it, i've bought it a couple of weeks ago. of course i can watch all of the pics on his blog, but the book looks so great on my bookshelf :)

Alicja said...

I like this fashionable touch ;)

Suusje Q. said...

Je leeft nog! Herken het helemaal, dat rood staan.. en ook dat willen kopen van boeken/films/cd's. Soms is het toch veel leuker om het echt zelf te hebben?


daisychain said...

I want the book too, sadly funds dont currently allow it!

daniqueconijn said...

Ah Ah, Andy dandy COPYCAT!

drollgirl said...

ha! your thoughts are my thoughts? do i need this book? do i want this book? is it better to just go to the blog? humph!

Anonymous said...

my dear friend! you remember me? i'm back however :)

leflassh. said...

my tattoo says "mesovic" but in serbian cyrillic. :)

Anonymous said...
een koopje toch? ik heb hem niet gekocht... vond het toch een beetje tegenvallen! binnenkort komt het boek van facehunter uit. benieuwd naar! en ook komt er een boek van the selby! grtjs

EMILY said...


love the photo with the do quite well with B&W photographs :)

Nowadays, my work takes a little longer because I have to do lots of renderings and this fashion course is driving my crazy!! so much work! and I got a Nikon D40 over xmas :) i've been going around the city taking (amateur) photos!

glad to hear from you again,


miriam (Björn Borg) said...

i agree on the analogue bit. my friends at vice got me an ancient polaroid camera for xmas - it's so beautiful. i just have to take some time out to ebay some filmrolls!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

I think it is worth buying it!

Addie et Lisa said...

Hi there! It's been a long time! I love the Sartorialist!

Hope you're fine!

Suusje Q. said...

Op naar de volgende sollicitatie bij De Harmonie..?! :( :)

Wat doe jij zo laat op de computer? Moet je niet slapen? Of in de kroeg zitten? Ik kan trouwens ook (nog) wel een borrel gebruiken..

Crystal Ball said...

Well I don't own the book but a few months ago I looked through it when I was at a bookstore. It's a great book but I think it depends if you are a book type of person. If you prefer to look at images on the net that maybe you shouldn't purchase it.

And I really like the fashion photo you posted. Where do you work?

Hope all is well! xo

josh said...

same here. i resisted the urge to ditch class and drive down to LA for one of his book signings. why does one need the book when he his online stuff will suffice. although i heard that there are a lot of stuff in there he doesn't post online.

Anonymous said...

ik vind het een heel leuk boek wilde m bijna kopen maar zit met hetzelfde centjes:P Moet ook weer van kamer changen dus mja. komt wel een keer zeg je dan tegen jezelf.

Die macbook zit er dus ook echt niet in haha.

zo nu verder that seventies kijken <3

With love Jessi said...

nice blog!

i found your blog through keyword "auto follow".

im following you.. pls follow me back.

Evelyn said...

I brought the book already.
I asked my friend to buy it for me in NY...once it began to show on the book store..

You probably find lots of photos that are not on his blog..worthwhile to buy one!!

Romeika said...

I loved the square format picture he posted! I still wanna buy this book as well, but the one I really want is Yvan's (Face Hunter).

re:Thanks for the link, but for some reason I won't be allowed to access that page:( As for the camera I use: an old canon power shoot a710is, canon eos d60 (it's my husband's, but I get to borrow it sometime). Those underwater shoots were made with a waterproof disposable though.

Marion said...

Hoi, wat leuk dat je mijn blog volgt! Om even antwoord te geven op je vragen: the UK versie van het Facehunter boek is, als het goed is, nu verkrijgbaar bij The American Book Center. De US versie volgt pas in april (moet je even op de site van The American Book Center kijken, want dit weet ik niet helemaal zeker). Ik heb het boek van The Sartorialist en het is echt een aanrader! Het is anders dan het bekijken van foto's op de site, want er zit nu eenmaal verschil tussen een boek en een internetpagina. Bovendien staat hier ook wat tekst in (oké, maar een kein beetje), bijvoorbeeld over wat hem ertoe bracht een foto van een persoon te maken en het is mooi gerangschikt. Het is echt een boek waar je in blijft kijken!