Thursday, September 10, 2009

Busy bee.

I graduated college exactly two weeks ago!

Since graduation, I've actually been a very busy bee...despite the fact I do not have a fulltime paying job. I'm interning at a Fashion Agency and also have a parttime job on the side since my college days. I'm still into photography (of course!) and have bought six film camera's in the last four or so weeks (!!!!). Yeah I know, It's getting a bit out of hand and I should stop buying (vintage) film camera's otherwise I can't pay my rent, insurances, food, etc., etc. I'd like to share some exciting news about my photography career. But I'll tell you more about it once it's official.....

My apologies for not updating my blog in such a long time but remember...I will never stop blogging, and I will always come back after a while. :) And if I ever stop blogging, you can still find me on the net on one of many Social Networks with Facebook and Twitter being the most used ones. So no worries. :)

Together with three other buddies, I went to visit a few friends of mine in Lille (France) last weekend. We organised a small reunion with another group of people whom we all met during our studyperiod in Sweden. La Braderie, an annual event, is the biggest European flea market and the reason we all went to Lille for the reunion. With over two million visitors in just 48 hours it was extremely crowded!

Lille at night

Our hostess, Aurélie.

Soon, I will have to move again (for the fourth time in 1 year) in Amsterdam. Hopefully I will then have a place to stay for a long period. And if I do, I'll save up for next year's 'La Braderie' and buy a shitload of stuff and turn my room into a cozy mess like these appartments in Apartamento Magazine.

Antique accordeon. Including case. Only €100,-

Crowd. Sometimes we were stuck for like 5 minutes. Imagine that in your own city: Just stand completely still in the middle of the road for 5 minutes. That's...friggin' long!

One of many beautiful doors in Lille.

The people from HomeShoppingSpy also went to La Braderie and made a very beautiful post about this big event!


Rita said...

Daniel congrats on graduating! And best of wishes for those events developing in your photography career! I love the first photo here, the moon and the sky look so dreamy, a very romantic atmosphere.

And whoa! So many film cameras!!! Keep them for 20 more years and one day they will make you a very rich man hahaha.

Anonymous said...

"Lille at night" is simply fantastic, strange and beautiful at the same time.
You were luchy to go to the Grande Braderie, one of my dreams !

diane said...

Holy crap! That night shot of Lille is deceiving, you would never guess how busy it is during the day.
I see what you mean about "cluttered" apartments. I naturally gravitated towards the one with the chandelier in the bedroom.
Congratulations on graduating college! That's an achievement in anybodies book.
I'm excited about all of those cameras. There will be some picture taking in Amsterdam!
Nice to have you back kiddo. xo d

Cafe Fashionista said...

Congratulations on graduating. I think that you will definitely achieve your dream of doing something in the photography career. Love these pictures. Lille is such a gorgeous place; and I'm absolutely smitten with that antique accordeon - beautiful! :)

daniqueconijn said...

Bonjour! Comment ça va? Tu a prendré un photo de moi! Une? Non, plus des photos! C'etait un weekend trés amusant avec toutes les Erasmus buddies. Un trés fort embrasse de moi! XX

Raji said...

Congratulations of graduationg!
Sounds like a really exciting time for youuu :)
The photos are stunninggg

Nona said...

via misses conijn op je blogspot gekomen. fijne foto'tjes maak je! (yashica looove)
gr. nona (vriendin van danique)

Sandra said...

Lille at night is my favorite! beautiful!


Crystal Ball said...

Goodness, Lille looks incredible! I honestly cannot wait until I have enough money in my wallet to travel. I hope I do lots of it!

& to answer your question, I would not consider myself a professional. Oh no. I have way too much to learn still. But I am so excited to do so.

Dominica said...

Wow look at that full moon ! You've been to Lille ? been there last year around the same time !
Lovely city and lots of Belgian beers to choose from too ! :-)
Congrats on your graduation !!

produit frais said...

The Lille at night photo is just amazing!!!!
Oh my god! I love it so much!
I gotta get back to photo taking business

Renée Sturme said...

prachtige foto, die eerste!

Anonymous said...

Gefeliciteerd met je afstuderen Daniel ! En je gaat bij een mode agenschap werken ? Wat ga je dan doen kun je daar iets meer oververtellen.

Groetjes, Anne

ps je hebt altijd hele leuke foto's op je blog en ik heb altijd heel veel plaatjes en ik heb dus 1001 scrapbooks & Ik zou ze eigenlijk ook van andere bloggers willen zien dus als je ook scrapbooks hebt. Kun je er misschien een post van maken ? ja ja ja zeggen.

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Congratulations Daniel. Now it is time for the real world! And I am look forward hearing from you about your photography career!

josh said...

i dont know if told you this yet. but i've been shooting with a vintage konica minola. and my phone. haha. i need a new film camera because mine just broke. sad. maybe i too will buy 6 in the next few months?

AND congrats on your graduation! excited to see your i graduate next may, can't wait.

your time in lilee, france sounds great.

i appreciate your photos. they are inspiration to the fullest

Suusje Q. said...

Dankje Jack ;) "best wel"? Hihi

Tot mails! Ben alleen ook een erg druk bijtje momenteel.. .

Anonymous said...

ja je denkt er zeker langer over na. t duurt ook best een poosje voordat je alle instellingen helemaal goed hebt.

het is een nikon fm

het is zeker wel prijzig. Ik doe het altijd bij de hema omdat je ze dan ook op cdrom kan laten zetten wat wel moet voor mn blog en dan zit je rond de 10 euro..

maar daar heb je het voor over.
dat je zo'n poos moet wachten en dan met spanning het pakje open kan maken om te zien wat er van geworden is, is ook zo leuk.

With love Jessi

Dooder City said...

It sounds like things are going really great for you! I am so happy for you. Congrats:)

Jowy said...

Good job..its such a great feeling to graduate ey!
zie nu dat er nederlandse reacties staan..oooh kan gewoon nederlands schrijven..vlgnde x dan maar.

One Love,

electric feel said...

CONGRATS on graduating! Hope you stay dandy!

miriam said...

striking pictures!

thank you for the birthday wishes, and congrats to you for making it up to graduation!

and good luck with finding a new place, so when are you coming over for a visit?

Agathe Philbé said...

thanks a lot for your comment about my photos!... very cool blog! a lot to discover here, I'll come back!

Melanie's Randomness said...

Congratulations on graduating!! I just graduated this past May. Beautiful pictures!!

L. said...

How long are you gonna stay in Amsterdam ?
I'd like to live there next year... But I don't speak any word of their language

kajsa said...

No matter how often you write its just a fact that I LOVE the WAY you write. Its just lovely. Always a bit funny.

Suusje Q. said...

Ben liever model dan actrice (L) haha


MansTouch said...

Your photos are all lovely.
Paris Photography Tours

STEFANIE said...

Ooh you were in Lille? that's like 20mins from where I live :D Anyway, congrats on the graduation and tell us all about your photography career soon!

evelyn said...

really? congrats on graduating! that is very cool =]

Anonymous said...

nog gefeliciteerd! en ziet er weer mooi uit! ben heel benieuwd naar hoe het allemaal gaat. dus volgende week meet & greet @ coffee company?

Elisabeth said...

Nogmaals Gefeliciteerd! Congratulation! Compleanos Feliz!

I have a feeling that you are going to achieve all you're goals in life & you will be, allready am acually, an amazing photographer. Hope you're enjoying your fulltime job @ the fashion agency.

xoxo ElisabethCarrie