Friday, September 18, 2009

Happy, very happy.

Scene from "Ascenseur pour l'échafaud" with Jeanne Moreau: Gelukkig, erg gelukkig. Taken with the Yashica.

Perhaps it's one of those movies only to be watched at night. won't 'feel the movie'.

Are you gelukkig? Erg gelukkig? Jeanne Moreau's facial expression and her thoughts shown in this picture represents my mood at the moment; Not sure how I's kinda mixed, you know.


The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Mooie foto. :)
Ik houd van Franse cinema, ik vind Frankrijk eigenlijk best relaxt. Misschien moet ik maar in Parijs gaan wonen na me studie!

Ik hoop dat alles goed is Daniel. Wat zijn je plannen op de korte termijn?

Grtz, D

diane said...

Classic. Love her. Forgot about her, but I will look her up again.

Rita said...

I love this picture. Wow. I love this picture! Such a seemingly simple subject, but, I don't know, there is so much in this image despite the darkness... It is the feelings it evokes, and the feelings it conveys... I don't really know what it is... Let's just say it makes me wish I could be at that same place at exactly the same time the photo was made, sitting wherever you were, and enjoying the movie and the atmosphere... I love the hint of yellow light on the right side... Maybe it is just that I really want to watch something right now anywhere but here because my place is too messy for my taste at the moment and the photo looks perfect... Who knows?

karl's sweet child said...

loooove this picture! your yashica does a great job!!

Suusje Q. said...

Dat beschouw ik maar als compliment.. Merci beaucoup! Ik heb zelf geen idee en doe het ook niet bewust. Hoe herken jij dan mijn blog als scritpie?

Hoe is het met je verder? Stage?


Anonymous said...

nee is helaas niet mijn beestje. hij ligt altijd op het zelfde plekje in een van mijn favo stekjes in utrecht(quignon)
het beesje heeft smaak hehe.

With love Jessi

diane said...

Hey, I didn't realize until just now that you had left comments on my other posts. In regards to my daughters, they look like each other.
That's not really answering your question, is it?
Your mom is 54? OMG, I could be your mom! Totally.
About the fragrance ads, I used to sniff them too, until they started making me cough.
I always giggle a little when I read your comments, because you are very sincere. Thats nice. xo

Cafe Fashionista said...

I have never seen this movie; but this photo is dark - almost reminds me of Mommy Dearest for some reason.

So basically you're feeling...confused, muddled, jumbled, perhaps slightly...miffed. I hope your mood changes to happy soon! :)

Dominica said...

alors ? heureux ou pas ?
Leuk, dat je die foto net op t goeie moment nam !

Crystal Ball said...

I watch loads of foreign films (they are my absolute favorite) but I haven't watched this one yet. So I'll hopefully be watching it soon, thank you!

Raji said...

Ahh goshh I so now that feelingg =/
I hope it passes and that you're un-gelukkig-ed veryyy veryy soon :)

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josh said...

interesting feeling, no?

haven't seen the movie

miriam said...

think i'll have to watch this tonight. i'm not sleeping much nowadays...