Monday, February 16, 2009

Op tijd je vlucht pakken

- Get Your Plane Right On Time -

'The Man' is leaving tomorrow to Brisbane, Australia!

No more beautiful Amsterdam images by this talented photographer.

- Sneaky shot of The Man -

The first time I met up with him was on a cloudy november afternoon. Wandering 'round the the city, we made a lot of cool pictures outside and a few inside a hip hip hip cafe.
The second, and last time, was in januari. We went to 'Discocult in' club Sugar Factory and had our camera's glued to our hands that whooole night! We started this night making pictures of a band called Einstein Barbie:

The Man's pics of Einstein Barbie.

After that great performance, we continued shooting all over the place...The Man even met model Agyness Deyn (wannabe...)!

The Man's pics.

I've made some of my best shots that night. I don't think I can ever make better action-pictures than the ones I made that day.

- Who's this blonde lady in red??? -

- a 'Million Dollar Kids'-dancer -

Click here to see more. More more more!

So, The Man, goodbye. En tot ziens! Have a great time in 'Down unda!' and good luck with your 30-hour journey....


Evelyn said...

The first picture is really a great capture of the man.So cool!!!! Hope your friendship with him can last forever. Sending our best wish to this talented photographer and wishing him all the best in Brisbane, say hi to me when your plane fly through HK. Haha..:)

diane said...

That is such a sweet tribute. xo

Yamila said...

Australian guys... together?, care!

haha :)
.i am sure that your encounters are very funny.

i love them.


Helga said...

Hi, Jack Daniel!
thanks for following!

i like your shot of Man..) and the story of your meeting with him is so touching...:D

Anonymous said...

noo he's leaving?
but there will be new australian photography :)

Emily said...

The Man has a sexy back. :P

Ashton said...

Wow what an amazing photog, I love these. Thank you for all of your lovely comments too, I love your blog as well. Defenitaly a good read :)

Also I know what you mean about Lykke Li, I stopped listening to her for like four months and all of a sudden "I'm good I'm gone" was on someones page and I couldn't resist. She is great, <3

Yamila said...



Kay said...

It sounds like you had a great time!

Dominica said...

This is such a great picture you made of Dennis !!
I see you will miss him and your wandering trips into the city of A'dam ...
Hope we will see him soon with some Aussie pics !
Now you will have to take over the torch for the A'dam pictures on your blog !

Whistful Wind said...

Nice pistures, and great friendship! Hope he will be back soon.

Monika Marie said...

And here I was planning a trip to visit the both of you in Amsterdam! Hoping to frolic around and explore all day.. *sigh* now I'll just have to plan some other wild adventure!

hehe! I'm diggin this post yo!

Stacy said...

Cool bottom photo.

Nil said...

He is such a good photographer and you too. You've made a good team. Thanks for your comments on my blog maybe you should come to Turkey one day :)

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Wow I only now read this, thank you for tributing a post to me! I feel honoured :)

I am missing our rendez vous already and the channels of Amsterdam.

But as soon as I got enough sleep over here I am ready to hunt for some interesting stuff!!

Thanks Daniel, stay safe and we stay in touch,


miky said...

osom pics