Monday, February 9, 2009


- Bathroom -

Last week, I was at my parents' place. And the next morning, I had a the bathroom.

Stylist: Me
Model: Me
Photographer: Me
Mirror: My parents'
Camera: Mine (Canon EOS 400D)
White T-Shirt: uhm...I can't remember.


diane said...

You are too cute. xo
That's a pretty cool shot.

Yamila said...

nice picture!


Dominica said...

That's a 'toeval' !!
Creepy in fact !
Look at my post in a few minutes ....

Alex said...

This is so great, so so great. I'd like to see more of this, it's fressssshhhh.

Rita said...

Hahaha, you're so adorable. You always post the most random stuff, but I love it. Your blog always puts a smile on my face :D

Elizabeth Marie said...

love love love this! xo


i know what cazzo is, since i speak italian :P you mustve been in uppsala for valborg, def the best day to be there.. crazy. really cool photo!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Can you come take pictures of me? And then we can hang out with Zooey. :)

Whistful Wind said...

hahaha, I do that all the time :)

Michael Ly said...

Oh I love this photo! It makes me question if I'm a bad photographer since most of my photos are point-and-shoot.

Emily said...

Composition: Flawless!!! It's exactly how I would've taken it..not to say that I take flawless composition photos. if you get what I mean. I love it Danny boy.

Anonymous said...

400D? nice. i have 450, im happy with it, but 400 wouldnt be bad either.
love the composition of the colours and how you focused it and the light! great!

curiositist said...


But your note is a bit wrong))
when we were children we made such augtor's notes about any project in this way:
model,photographer etc-me
the best person in the world- me
the cutest person you have ever seen -me
supermen -me
sweety-me and so on.

to be egoist -it's so fun!

I wanna be your blog said...

Very nice picture. Check my last post i think you'll the videos!


very cool
like the layers
to answer your question: yes... all canadian girls... all toronto


Anonymous said...

ye, i live in uppsala but my work is in sthlm so im there quite often. there was the 'modevecka' a few weeks ago but the 'fashion week' is this week, its more international and more people will come!
:) bec

coco said...

I think the Madonna W shoot is with Steven Klein.
46 pages = bliss!

Svensk said...

Daniel you are not confused - Sweden now has 2 different Fashion weeks, Stockholm Fashion week and Fashion week by Berns. FW By Berns has a better PR company and has dominated the papers the last weeks:)

Its so said that they just can´t get along!!

//Diana Svensk

Rene Schaller said...

great pic!