Friday, February 4, 2011

My muse

Oh yeah...this picture is part of the muse-series I shot for a photography competition.
You can vote for me, if you like the series. Or...if you just like this blog. Or me. :)
If I'm going to be the winner in either of the two categories (public / jury)...I'll post something special on the blog. Promise!
And a promise is a promise.

Stay Tuned competition


Suusje Q. said...

Heey Daniel!
hoe is het met jou? Ik ben nog steeds (of alweer) een fanatieke blogger ja :)Jij niet he?! Why?


Anja said...

Over iets anders dan fotografie?
Goede foto! Hoop dat je wint.
Welk wedstrijd?

Anja said...

sorry,zie het al:)

Lee Oliveira said...

What a gorgeous shot.. I love B&W photos.
Great composition
Lee x

diane said...

This is a great shot. I also love the one of the girl perched on the edge of the bed. Great stuff JD!!

Alecto said...

wish i could have seen it earlier-- i TOTALLY would have voted for you! i like the subtleness of this photo...especially since, upon first glance, you can't really tell what the woman is doing, but then you finally understand. it's like an adorable puzzle.