Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I don't know

(a quote from my all-time favorite movie: Lost In Translation):

CHARLOTTE (Scarlett Johansson):

"I just don't know what I'm supposed
to be. I thought maybe I wanted to
be a writer... but I hate what I
write, and I tried taking pictures,
but John's so good at that, and mine
are so mediocre... and every girl
goes through a photography phase,
like horses, you know, taking dumb pictures
of your feet..."

Clockwise from the left: M., T. and...me.


Melanie's Randomness said...

I like pictures of feet because you never know what the next picture will be. Great choice of quotes!

diane said...

Honey, are you feeling o.k.?

I'm just messing with you, I get exactly what you mean. Now stop taking dumb pictures of feet and show us what you can really do. :) kiss, d

p.s. Dennis is going to Antwerp. I think he should visit Domi, don't you?

Rach said...

Lost In Translation ♥

Marieke said...

aaah I have a spot on your blog, lovely! I <3 taking pictures of my feet also. Don't know why

daniqueconijn said...

Hey! Taking pictures of peoples feet is my thing (how dumb it may be according Scarlettttt) :)

Sabine said...

true true.

Sofia said...

я влюблена в этот блог!))

popdisorder said...


polka dot said...

I know! Me too. When we first saw it my husband was nudging me and laughing because I still do. They're like my two little muses.

By the way, re: your August 10 post, I feel the same way. My readers dropped off this summer, too. People got pissed off at me that I wasn't always doing proper head to toe street style shots. One even commented on it (anonymously) and as it was anonymous I couldn't send her her money back.

Just came here cause you're on my blog roll and I'm trying to clean it up - some people asked to swap links ages ago and then never posted again - and I remembered how much I like about your blog in the first place.

I'll comment from time to time but you might be sorry you said that: I'm not very concise. Please do come comment on mine to if you're so inclined.

It's a great blog, Jack. Do whatever you want, whenever you want.


Annushka said...


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