Sunday, September 5, 2010

Devil In a New Dress


Mr West just released a new track and it's called Devil In a New Dress.
Finally a tune which is worth listening to...I didn't really liked his (overhyped?) first single 'Power' of his new soon-to-be-released fifth studio album: Dark Twisted Fantasy (formerly known as Good Ass Job).
I like this new track because it carries an old skool vibe with this haunting female vocal sample. :)

Picture by Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist

Check out the tune by pressing the play button. :)

(Oh...and you can even download it here, if you wanna feed your iPod / iPhone / iMac (or oldskool PC...) with some new cool music.)'re probably not into Hip Hop, am I right? What's YOUR favorite kinda music? :P I bet you only listen to Lady Gaga ....

-updated my flickr by the way...-

(Kanye Pens Apology Song For the most beautiful country girl in the world: Taylor Swift)


Rach said...

I really love the photos on your flickr!

Suusje Q. said...

Daniel! Hoe is het met je?

Sabine said...

heart it also. its one of my tracks in my "falling hard into early fall 2010" playlist.


great shot...scott is great...your post is always very interesting...follow you follow me too

Anonymous said...

Mooie foto van Kanye. Ik vond power juist echt heel goed vooral die clip! Wow mindblowing. Ik vind deze track wel okay.maarjah smaken verschillen :)

Fashion Nicotine said...

He looks cool..

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Alex said...

realy cool picture)