Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cop dat shit


I know, I know...I'm not a cool blogger anymore. I've been around the web you know: facebook, facebook, flickr, facebook, flickr, but I just didn't know what to post on my blog. You see...I'm actually not a blogger at all. I just like to wander 'round my city and do things I shouldn't be doing, or go to cool events, parties or just hanging out with my buddies. And occasionally post some pics of these things on the blog. But, lately, I feel like I should be spending some more time and energy on the things I really LOVE: photography and music.

-SIGH- I'm losing my visitors (!!!) and it's all my own fault. But, I don't care about the amount of (unique) visitors per day...I just wanna read comments on my posts. That's all. :) I'm longing for e-mails and comments on my blog. Hahaha.

Enough bla bla bla...let's do someting naughty:

My and my sister on Skype...while listening to Tame Impala. (Taken with Olympus OM-10 and some cool Lomography cross over film)

Tame Impala is a psychedelic rockband from Australia. I wish they would come out to play in my city because they are just the best. And this is coming from a hiphop & electronic music lover pur sang. :)
Click here to download their album Innerspeaker and their self titled EP. I've been playing their album non-stop for months now and it's one of a few albums on which I don't have to skip a song. Because e-v-e-r-y song is...excellent. If you're into good music...listen to this!!

(Preview here...'Make Up Your Mind')

By the way, I've been posting new pictures on my flickr...


stefanie said...

Oh Daniel, poor you! :D I'm still visiting! haha :)
I was really looking forward to seeing Tame Impala next week here in Belgium but then the festival sold out and I ended up not having a ticket for the day Tame Impala is playing. VERY bummed!

diane said...

I could listen to more of this.
It's good that you are out there enjoying your life. xo d

Dominica said...

I've been a bad blogger too and I also blame FB for it ! It's quicker and you don't need to write a complete story ... no blame here ... we understand :^)

Anonymous said...

chill nummer beetje seventies sfeertje en helemaal passend bij mij op dit moment xD

neaah denk niet dat je ooit in nieuwegein geweest bent ?
daar is hij gemaakt ^^

love jessi

jamie-lee said...

thanks for the comment on my blog - yes I have been to Asterdam, I loved it there. The culture with everyone riding bikes was beautiful and everyone was so nice. I would love to live there someday :)

and the photo looks pretty cool x

Ivania said...

Here's a comment for you!
Nice music

Biel Carpenter said...

they're good