Saturday, June 5, 2010

Streetlab_ & Mykrolab_

Streetlab_ & Mykromag are combining their fashion / music / art- forces and have created a new platform: Mykrolab_

Last week was their exhibition opening at the Meneer de Wit Gallery consisting of only black & white portraits. All taken by photographer Wouter van den Brink.

I will upload a few pics of the portraits, but here's a preview at Danique's flickr-page.

Saba (Programmer at Streetlab_), JeanPaul Paula (Fashion Director) & Sonny Groo (Editor-in-Chief).
Check out my flickr, if you wanna see them legs...(It's a pity that in the picture, Saba had taken off her extremely high heels and changed shoes...)


EMILY said...

everyone is so preoccupied in this photo ;)

thanks for your kind comment, I am proud of you too!


Rach said...

amazing pictures on your flickr!
i'm blown away x)

Rita said...

I love this picture, the colors are awesome, but the subjects are amazing!!! And I love the name Saba, it's one of my favorite names for girls :)


I saw your comment on the Facehunter. Thank you very much! (cause i'm the girl on the second pic ;))
Love your blog, we'll be your new follower!


ik zie nu dat je gewoon nederlands bent!

TorontoVerve.: said...

I love this shot!