Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Cheap Monday Sample Sale

Selling Cheap Monday's on a cheap saturday and cheap sunday.

As some of you know, I'm interning at a fashion company. And together with Streetlab we organised a sample sale from Cheap Monday!

On sunday we decided to sell 'em for €25,- for 5 pairs...

Unfortunately for a lot of people there was no mirror...so every now and then, I had to take pictures of people so they could look how they fit in their new outfits:


At the same time there was an exhibition of two Graphic Designers / Illustrators and a photographer.

Bruce Tsai-Meu-Chong

Wendy Oakes

Linda van der Vleuten

You can check out more pics on my Facebook. :)


Jack Daniel said...

Thanks for the comments on my previous post(s).

Yamila said...

Wow! Is sooo beautiful... everything! i'm enchanted: Wendy Oakes is awesome,man! Lovely work. Amazing photos.

Have a great week.

Antonia said...

And tell Amsterdam I say hello ;) I miss it so much, what a beautiful city!!

Great pics...and FIVE PAIRS for 25euro!? Unbelievable!!! So sad I missed out.

As for my laptop, I didn't get a MAC (I'm still living in the past and find MACs too confusing, although I'm required to use one in my graphic design course at school), it's a PC...a compaq. Nothing ultra fancy but as long as I have word processing software, photoshop, illustrator, and a webcam/mic, I'm happy!

Hope you're doing well!!!
x Nia

diane said...

I can't believe the prices on those jeans!!!!

daisychain said...

I love cheap monday

(oh, I'm 5'10 btw)

blu|gallery said...

Spaghetti face looks really greate - pretty good idea :)

Suusje Q. said...

Was ik nou toch maar gegaan ;)

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

Now that is a good excuse to make pictures of people :D

Hasonló said...

Daar had ik wel bij willen zijn!

Oh en haha, ik moest wel lachen om de foto's die je gemaakt hebt, zogenaamd puur en alleen omdat ze wilden zien hoe het stond, odertussen heb je er een prachtige foto van gemaakt, waarop je amper ziet hoe het ding staat :D
Love it.


miriam said...

D, amazing pictures!
i've requested your friendship on FB so that i can take a look at all your other pictures.


Hello fellow Miroslava lover!

I didnt draw my header (I wish!) it is one of Cedric Rivrain's pieces. check his stuff out if you havent already, he is amazing!


Spring in Canberra is super unpredictable, cold yesterday, totally warm today.

Anonymous said...

Die broek ziet er echt leuk uit!

ehm nouuw ik heb mn kamer:D dus nu wordt het de uitaging om zo veel mogelijk, zo ruimetlijk mogelijk in te delen haha.

ja ik vind haar ook zeker mooi. Ze heeft een gezicht wat best uniek is,plus het pastte bij de stijl waar ik voor ging.

nee is helaas geen blackberry maar een nepberry (een uitgave van hi)
goedo ben benieuwd naar de kamerfoto's. De mijne duren nog even omdat ik niet direct in kan trekken.

with love Jessi

Angelina said...

Ach wie wil nou niet in NYC stagelopen haha. Wat doe jij dan? Werken of studeren?

Jaa Jak&Jil is zeker verslavend haha, zulke mooie foto's en items erg leuk om naar te kijken!

Angelina said...

Wat leuk ook trouwens om ook een keer een jongen te ontmoeten in de blogwereld ken bijna alleen maar meiden haha. Je hebt een leuke blog!


Hi, I love your blog, and the pictures!
now following you ;)

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Hi dear, thanks for the comment, come check the new post! I totally love this ^^

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Patty Ann said...

art plus fashion? that's totally awesome. what fashion place do you intern with??????


Romeika said...

I love cheap monday jeans!

re:Yes, the pictures of myself I take with the help of a tripod and self timer..99% of time. Other times I might get my husband to help out:)