Sunday, October 5, 2008

Her name is Delphine

I have a new *under-neighbour. Her name is Delphine and she is french.Very pretty.
I'm probably not supposed to do this, but I did it anyway...I took a picture of an envelop...addressed to her. I thought it was okay to make a pic of it.

*Someone who lives one floor down.

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Renée Sturme said...

Secret, but publishing stalker, haha.

It's not a premiere! :) OK, possibly to you it is. Heb wel eens flats aan hoor, gewoon niet zo vaak.

Ja; Die Fashionista von das blode geisttotliches kleine Ort Kessel machts ganz vorbildlich.

Nou zeg! Ik zeg niet voor niets dat het een van mijn vreselijkste foto's is, haha, flauw.